Ricci Orthodontics

They are nothing but a group of selfish scumbags.

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Published: 10 May 2019

Posted by: Scott

Forget meeting any caring dentists or getting a proper treatment there. They are arrogant, selfish, greedy and manipulative. They’ll do anything to fill their pockets. They don’t have any humanity in their hearts and that makes them worse. They act all nice and friendly in the beginning so you might think they really are that way. But when you become a regular customer, you begin to see their true colors. I had gone there for my teen boy. I had gotten my boy Invisalign for his teeth. He has the problem of crowded teeth and Invisalign seemed like the best treatment for this issue. I faced no problem with Invisalign. The only problems I was facing were with the staff at Ricci. The place has some really ill-minded people working there. I had heard of this place from a close friend. She used to come to this place. She hasn’t visited this place since she moved to another city. And so, I’m certain that she doesn’t know how terrible and pathetic this place has become. The people here are too greedy. Whenever I used to visit the place, I had to pay them some ‘extra fees’. When I asked them what these extra fees was for, they just told me they were balancing my invoices. According to them, I wasn’t paying the full amounts. I know it sounds rubbish. I asked them how was it possible because I was paying them properly. They told me there must have been some accounting error. As a solution, they suggested to me that I switch to a payment plan. I thought it was a good thing too, after all, I had to visit with my son for quite some time. Shifting my payments to a plan was my worst financial decision ever! Those guys were charging me humongous amounts. I complained about those invoices and they simply told me they’ll look into the matter. They never really looked into the matter though. They kept charging me humongous amounts. Eventually, I stopped going there. I canceled the payments plan because those guys have already taken a lot of my money. They have destroyed my financial well-being and I don’t know how will I recover from this loss. As of now, I’m taking my son to another orthodontist and so far, I haven’t faced any difficulty of that sort. I know Invisalign is a costly treatment. But I had already paid for that. I was mad at them because they were charging me this much for those visits. They didn’t charge me such huge sums in the beginning and they just increased their rates without informing me. They contacted me later when I canceled the payment plan. They told me that I should have contacted them before canceling the plan and that it would be better for my son to visit them. They used to call me multiple times a day. Now they have stopped. I’m not going back there in any case. And I’d recommend you do the same.

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