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Published: 22 February 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have heard of Rich Dad Education and Robert Kyosaki for some years now and have done 2 individual classes with Rich Dad Education in the past on a smaller level. Last year I went to a “FREE” Introduction class to Real Estate Investing and paid $500.00 into a 3 day training in Charlotte on November of 2014. The entire time at the event the team continously made mention of opening credit cards to acquire a large line of credit, keeping checks from your credit card companies to fund deals, and while offering the Elite Training they also promoted Prosper (Private Lender) to help with the cost of the training. I along with a few other students noticed the impatience with the team in answering questions about the Elite Funding if they knew you couldn’t qualify. I noticed this personally from Michael, his attitude was absolutely horrible and far from customer friendly, he was short, abrupt and abrasive. I made mention to another team member who apologized, helped me and assured me this was a bad start and this isn’t what I should expect moving forward. The team assured they were there to help where ever they could, they would only be an email away, they were there to support 100% of the way and whatever your pace is works!!! During that time I purchased into the Rich Dad Elite training under the impression I would be able to excel as quickly or slowly as I’d like as they continuously assured. I originally purchased the lowest package with a partner whom I was told could not be interchanged, at a later time I found this to be inaccurate. I later (within the cancelation period) canceled my partner via email and proceeded with my single commitment. We (all new students who signed up with Jayson (Mentor) developed a website to communicate with all of the students who registered during that time and promised to stay in communication. I was extremely eager to start my program and implement everything they showed us. At the time of setting up the networking circle on REI Black Book, a friend request was requested to my Mentor Jayson, after a few weeks the request had not been confirmed or accepted. During this time which was less than 2 weeks into the online training, I requested to join the live event in New York that was apart of my Elite Training Package and I was told by Michael McNair that I hadn’t paid enough. I was completely unnerved because I was extremely eager and less than 30days into my program. I asked what do you mean, I was told “I had to pay down more money”. I thought to myself “what type of bait and switch is this”. It wasn’t even two weeks after the 3 day training not to mention all the back and forth phone calls I had to put in to get to this point. During my time at the 3 day training it was repeated several times that if you decide this isn’t for you, they give you your money back within 30 days. After numerous phone calls to Rich Dad and being constantly rerouted to different departments, not being able to jumpstart the program as quickly as I was hoping to, awaiting a friend acceptance from my Mentor Jayson, who assured he’d be there every step of the way and wasn’t available for me to contact and share my concerns with, and lastly after a student who didn’t choose to join within the 3 day workshop received a phone call stating for those that didn’t take advantage there was another opportunity at a lower cost to purchase the Elite Training for a fraction of what others paid, I decided this program was not for me, I immediately emailed student resolution and sent in my cancelation form. I feel the commitment they had wasn’t sincere. After all of my experience it occured to me that Rich Dad was really about making themselves Richer and not really helping and fulfilling on what they promised. I was left feeling like they really wanted us to open credit accounts not to build credit, but to pay for their training. I have attempted phone calls which either I was rerouted to another department or my telephone call was not returned. I even got my attorney involved and they had 30 days to respond to them and to date they have not responded. I received an email letter identical to one found online when you google Rich Dad complaint. In between the time of the letter, I received numerous calls and emails from Jantzen Jarvis requesting that I contact him so that he can tell me of “another offer” that wasn’t offered during my 3 day training and he wanted to discuss it with me….only for a “select few”. How convenient?? When I finally reached him after several attempts and playing phone tag, I explained the only thing I am concerned about is getting my money back, I have not opened any of the products given to me except a CD and his words were “this promotion obviously isn’t for you, so I’ll transfer you to Student Resolutions. As of the 3rd week in February, I placed a called to Ayrin who wrote or shall I say filled in my name on the form letter and a week later no phone call back. It seems to me that they put you in a pool of phone tag and hope you get tired and give up and don’t call back. I am beyond disappointed with this mult-million dollar scamming company. I have to say that with the number of years and reputation of the company, I am more than surprised that they are getting away with this kind of scamming. I would love to ask Mr. Kyosaki what he has to say for himself, his company and his policies. There are many companies who capitalize on individuals who are trying to make a better life for themselves through education, I never thought Rich Dad Education would be one of them!!

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