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THE worst place to get your braces in the whole world

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Published: 29 April 2019

Posted by: Tony D. Clark

If you are looking for THE worst braces in the world then definitely go to rich orthodontics you will not be disappointed, but if you really want braces that work and don’t ruin your teeth, then stay away from these fucktards. The “experts” at rich orthodontics are morons and they made smiling an embarrassing task for me. I went to rich orthodontics in the hopes of getting rid of my crooked teeth and getting them more aligned. Being the average student from the states, I can’t afford to get Invisalign, that shit’s expensive AF and that is why I went to rich orthodontics to get the traditional braces. I ended up paying around $5,000 for generic braces from this clinic, which I could have easily gotten for three grand at any reasonable clinic which wasn’t just money hungry. Not only that, but the braces that these morons gave me didn’t fit my teeth properly! After around 3 weeks of wearing these crooked braces, my gums started to bleed. And they weren’t bleeding normally, the bleeding was actually very painful and it didn’t stop until I stopped wearing the braces. I consulted a doc and he told me that the braces are too tight and ridged for my teeth frame. He asked if I bought some second hand braces off of the internet, which I clearly didn\’t. I went to rich orthodontics the next day and showed them the report, they told me that my teeth must have gotten a little bigger over the last couple of weeks and that is why the braces got small! WTF?! Teeth don’t fucking get big in 3 weeks man! That’s total bullshit! They got me another set of braces, however, these ones were exactly like the ones I got before. And as a result, I faced the SAME issue AGAIN after a couple of weeks. This time I went to the clinic raging, however, they blamed the bleeding on me and said that braces are totally fine. They said that I’m eating food that is too hard and that is why my teeth hurt. I wasn’t eating freaking rocks or stones, just regular chicken and sandwiches, which were definitely not “very hard”. They just made excuses and didn’t take ANY responsibility for the bleeding. I tried to use their braces but they hurt a lot and the bleeding has become worse because of it. Now I have wasted five grand on these bastards and my teeth health is much worse than before. No one would expect this shit from a clinic like rich orthodontics, but believe it or not, this is the reality. I would ask everyone to NEVER GO here for their braces, they are going to waste your precious time and money. After my own horrible experience, I can say that this is THE worst place to get your braces in the whole world. I have never seen a health clinic worse than this one. Please stay away from these people, it will be for your own good.

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