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Published: 31 May 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

. Richard L Haslitt Sr Aka Rich works for Baldwin Technology Company a Forsyth Capitial Company 8040 Forsyth Blvd. St Louis Mo 63105. Rich Haslitt office is located at Paper Converting Machine Company 2300 South Ashland Avenue Green Bay WI 54307. (email address removed by admin) (920) 606-2832 Rich Haslitt is the IT Operations Manager for Baldwin Company owns manufacurting locations world wide. Rich Haslitt travels to each of these locations to set up the company on the corporate network. January 2014 Rich Haslitt traveled to Hong Kong and Japan for business that is where he meet his mistress Jessica Magtibay she is from Makati in the Philippines she was also in Hong Kong on business. They thought is was a great idea to have an afair even after Jessica found out Rich Haslitt is married for 28 years and has 5 children and 7 grandchildren waiting for him at home. They contuine the affair and planned 3 other business trips together/vactions stayed in the same hotel, went out for $300. 00 dinners ,large amount of alcohol was purschased for both of them, dry cleaning for Jessica, colonge all on Baldwin Tech credit card for 6 months. Rich Haslitt still has contact with Jessica and still spending company money on personal items. Rich Haslitt purchase entire new wardrobe in May 2014 on his company credit cards. Rich Haslitt is not only facing a divorce he is charged with a felony I intent to cause bodily harm to his wife. Rich thought it was a good idea to slam his wife face into the wall and cause her stitches to her nose which left a nice large scar. Baldwin Technology and their divsions are big on people treating people with respect and they donate money to the local women’s shelter. How do you think Baldwin Tech would feel that their It Operations Manager is a lair, cheat,theif and abuser? Now Rich is still traveling world wide living off Baldwin Tech money and withholding money from his wife and not paying any of his bills. Rich Haslitt appointed his son and sister Sheri Duckart from Maribel WI to show up to his divorce hearings after Rich Haslitt rescheduled the first hearing. Just to buy time so he did need to help out his wife. What a winner! Rich Haslitt is the type of person I would want working on my global network. (NOT!) All I have to say; Liar,Cheater, Theif, Abuser = Rich Haslitt

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