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Professional Con Artists!

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Published: 14 November 2018

Posted by: Johnson

Richard Leger & Sandy Kikerpill are seemingly master con artists. It looks like they have mastered the art. Such elaborate plans to dishonestly make money! Their so called charity website is the root of it all. My suspicion is that they are living off the funds they receive on this charity website of theirs. There could be no other way they would be able to enjoy that high status lifestyle otherwise! There are several lawsuits filed against them but they are still active. Probably have good money and lawyers to help with these cases, twisting the facts and as such.

Several people have logged complaints about having issues with them. I have read countless reports on them, not one in their favour and they have the guile to rebuke those complaints as if so many people can be wrong. Their statement on the complaints was \”all of the posts about Sandy and Rich as people are outrageous and have no bearing upon reality. Sandy and Rich are both respected as service providers of Property Management and Development of Real Estate in residential, hospitality, and commercial properties in Laguna Beach… Sandy has 20 years of Commercial Real Estate experience with a stellar track record of satisfied clients throughout the U.S. and Canada.\”

You have been warned! Stay clear of them. They are smart and have been doing it for a long time now. Their written procedures are laughable. They are posing as the civilized, reliable couple but they are not! Some action has to be taken against them. I hear a huge lawsuit has been slapped on their faces and we are yet to see what comes of it. I hope they are shut down before they can manipulate and destroy someone else. They have been sullying the good name of real estate. They are the worst possible service providers in the field that I have come across. Don’t believe a word of what they say. Know that so many people can’t be wrong. It is them who have wronged these people and so they have vented their frustrations with the company. Look for better servicemen. Research well and come to a conclusion. Richard Leger & Sandy Kikerpill Leger have too bad a history to be ever trusted an worked with.

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