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Published: 29 May 2019

Posted by: Gregory

This place has terrible service. They don’t know how to manage appointments. You’d think a dental clinic would at least know how to handle different appointments but this place is just retarded. They make you wait for long periods even if you arrive at the designated time. I used to visit this place for routine checkups. But every visit seemed so long. And that’s because they were. The staff here is very rude too. They don’t know how to talk to patients and they always maintain a frown on their faces like you’re in a prison filled with wardens and janitors. I used to visit this place because it was the closest one to my home. But I got tired of waiting for 30-40 minutes every time I visited the place. I had begun to think that all dentists waste the time of their patients. It was only after I stopped going to this place and started visiting another clinic when I realized that it was just these guys. I haven’t gotten any major procedures so I can’t comment on how well their dentists are. I only got a few checkups done there. I had gotten my braces at someplace else and I had to move to another place so I stopped visiting that clinic. I used to come here only to get my braces checked. I have missed 2 or 3 of their appointments too. And why did I miss them? That’s because I had to wait for humongous amounts of time then.

You can’t just sit around all day in a dental clinic for a mere checkup. That’s so pathetic. And when you’ve already waited for 45 something minutes, you realize that you’ve had enough of this drama. Visiting this place was a huge waste of time for me. The waiting area sucks too. I wasn’t the only patient who had to wait for so long. I used to see many other patients there who had arrived before me and had appointments at the exact same time as mine. Yep, their reception was so f*cked up that they didn’t even bother to check when they were setting the appointment. They just have a horrible time management system and they never improved it. Many people used to leave before even seeing the doctor because they had gotten tired of waiting for so long. You can understand my position. The only reason why this place still attracts any customers is because of its location. Otherwise, I don’t think they’d be able to get this many patients for their orthodontic procedures. They are too crappy, lazy and irresponsible for this task. I bet they’d lose a lot more customers if they don’t improve their reception. And as for you, I’d suggest avoiding this place. It’s no good. There isn’t anything special here that’s worth sitting in a crowded room for 40 minutes every time you visit. Just stay away and find someplace else.

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