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Published: 23 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This place has lied to us since the beginning. We transferred from lionshead to vanderbilt and are currently living there. So far we have been lied to about our oven being changed to a new one, that the laundry in another building is free Trust me it’s not) our rent credit being used towards bills we never authorized, our august rent never being paid They told us with the transfer since our rent was about $900 at lionshead and $650 at vanderbilt that they were going to use the remainder for august because we moved out of lionshead in the first part of august and paid the whoooooole $900 for the whooooole month at lionshead). Now they are saying august rent was never paid. Also, they are charging us $1,300 for “damages” at lionshead and they haven’t even given us the receipts for the carpet damage. I think they are lying to people about the bill they get after they move out because they have a construction company they run which obviously can forge receipts and steal peoples money. And that’s not even half of it. About two weeks ago we had a yellow jacket infestation in our walls and ceiling We live on the third floor) so you can imagine how horrified we were when we saw about 30 of them flying around our bedroom when we woke up. We told them about it, they gave us another apartment to stay at, and they didn’t exterminate them for two weeks. Paul told us that he would have housekeeping come and clean the apartment who didn’t even get all the d**n bees. There were still like 5 on the ground and some squashed on the curtain. They obviously don’t care about you or your well-being. I’m not even kidding we could hear scratching in the wall for weeks before the yellow jackets got into our bedroom. I looked up yellow jackets and how they live and there are thousands of them in hives in late summer which is august and september when we had the infestation! i went and talked to tina about it and she told me This is the funny part) that she “didn’t want to bring this up but i think you should know” that there was another apartment that literally had an infestation bigger than ours in their apartment and they had to get exterminators because there were hundreds of bees flying in and around the apartment. She couldn’t have thought to maybe tell us this when we moved in? Also i had to call this lady named zipporah from corporate Again i don’t know why they couldn’t just call them themselves, they work there) and she was being very rude on the phone. She would constantly tell me in a mean tone “will you let me finish? Thanks” and she was no help at all. Seriously don’t move here or any apartment owned by richdale including lionshead, biltmore, and embassy park apartments. They will steal your money “legally” and charge you for damages that aren’t real. They lie to you constantly, they are very rude, and maintenance is never done when they say it will be. They obviously don’t care about your safety or well-being because the fact that there were yellow jackets in our apartment for about 2 weeks and they kept putting off killing them was ridiculous. I also forgot to mention that with the receipts for the damages, if you have a bill that you think is not right then you ask them for the receipts because they are legally inclined to give them to you or they are in big trouble. My parents have been waiting a month for the receipts and the corporate office has not been calling them back. They sent some receipts like 2 weeks later Like i said probably forging them) and sent them a receipt for the carpet damage under the wrong apartment. They still haven’t gotten that one Which is the biggest bill about $1,100). Use as much legal action you can against them. The whole spiel about the dog poop btw is a complete lie. There is always poop in the front yard. Do not get an apartment here they are committing fraud.

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