Richmond BMW

Never buy from them. They are a bunch of scammers

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Published: 16 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

They promised me a car with the finest quality and properly serviced. I bought a BMW X3 from them about a few months ago. They assured me that the technicians will do a complete analysis of the vehicle before delivering it and I trusted them. I should not have blindly trusted them. I was fine in the beginning as I was constantly being updated about the car I booked. But this was just a 7-day charm which vanished into thin air the 8th day. Buying a car is not at all easy. You have to spend out of your pocket to buy one irrespective of the fact that you have decided to buy a used one. I decided to buy a used car from Richmond BMW and they were really good with all the dealing stuff and explaining how their system works. I was satisfied by all what I had been facing during the meeting but who knew they would turn out to be liars and nothing else. They are so good at dealing and stuff that you would not even think for a second and trust them. According to our deal, the vehicle was supposed to be delivered within two months but it was a week late. I called them and they did not pick up for two days. I was now scared that I might lose 40% I had paid already. Finally the third day my call was answered and I discussed the whole situation. I assured that the car will be delivered in the next two days and that the technicians are confirming the best condition of my car. I was fine with that or maybe the reason was in the favor that calmed me down. As stated earlier, they are perfect when it comes to dealing with customers. After two days, the car was delivered and the exterior looked fine. I did not suspect any lacking regarding the parts. I paid the remaining bill and gave it a test drive. The car worked perfectly fine till then. The next morning I was late for a meeting but was glad that I have my own car to drive to the office and that I can still be on time if I take one or two shortcuts. The car would not start I do not why. After 10 minutes of the struggle it started and I was now late. The ‘exceptional’ car broke midway. I called a mechanic and he told me that the engine broke down and it was already in no condition to be used and because I ignored this, the car needs a repair. I was so angry at that moment because the car was delivered late with the excuse of reanalysis for a better condition by the technician at Richmond BMW. I called them and now I was left on hold. Sometimes the GM was busy in a meeting and a lot of times he was having some meal. First, I would not recommend Richmond BMW to anyone and even if you wish to hire them, take an extended warranty or something so that you do not face this.

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