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They lost my car keys and I’m stuck

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Published: 18 September 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

If you are looking for a BMW dealer then please make sure you don’t choose Rick Hendrick BMW. They are one of the worst establishments I’ve ever been to. The level of discomfort I felt at that place was unbelievable. They suck in everything whether it’s about their customer service or it’s about their professionalism. Everything is below average and they will look for ways to make some extra money. Their team is terrible and rude and I do not appreciate this kind of behavior. Their receptionist is a rude person who doesn’t know how to behave with someone, especially with a lady. They are not going to treat you equally just as they did with me. As long as you are going to spend money on them they would be so nice to you but people like me who did not spend much money here because I had a warranty, they are going to treat us like shit. They will try every possible way to remove your warranty so that they can make more money. The service provider scammed me by stating that I already have used my warranty and can’t use it anymore and the guy at the desk rudely told me that if I am not going to pay this his boss will going to make me pay for it.
I had done a wheel alignment but it was not on the receipt I tried to tell the guy at the desk but he ignored me and it did not look like that he was even bothered to serve me. They also somehow replace my original mats with some casual ones, and I was being told that they have misplaced it and also put the charge on me. I mean these bastards were looking for ways to fill their pockets the mats did not seem to be the ones which I had and looked like they bought it from Walmart or somewhere and then replaced it. I only went there for a tire change and now I am stuck in a situation from where I can’t get off. They lost my keys and I was not able to get hold off my car for over a week. I was being called by Rick Hendrick BMW to get my car towed to my place because they could not find my keys yet. They even put the bill on me, nobody was good at this place. There was not even a single fucking thing which I can appreciate about, from customer service to their work and their managers everyone was rude and didn’t seem to bother to solve the queries of their customers. I am not going to visit this place again in my life as the experience had turned out to be a nightmare for me. Stay away from such filths and make sure you don’t fall in the pothole.

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