Ricky Guiterrez Review

Is Ricky Guiterrez a scammer?

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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Bossman George

All of us want to learn more and earn more. Don’t we? Well, you can try out several ways which can help you in the future. With the coming in of the internet, we have seen several people coming over different sessions to offer advice. Moreover, the internet has made it extremely easy for us to focus on things.

Also, we have seen a lot of entrepreneurs who have made it easier for us to learn new tips and techniques. Also, these entrepreneurs introduce a wide range of products which they claim are helpful for us. One such entrepreneur is no one, Ricky Gutierrez. He claims to have provided us with a lot of courses that can help to boost our online trading career and earn. Well, is it true? Read to find out.


Who is Ricky Gutierrez?

Ricky Gutierrez is a 22-year old young entrepreneur from Gilbert, Arizona. He deals in the business of day trading. Day trading is extremely helpful and helps you boost up the business. If you check out the social media handles of Ricky Gutierrez, you will eventually find out that he claims to be the “youngest millionaire in Gilbert, AZ.” Ricky claims that he found success in early life with trading, and since then he shifted his part-time to company.




Ricky’s brainchild Techbud Solutions is an online website full of knowledgeable content for young or budding entrepreneurs. Techbud Solution is an online peer to peer community developed to help the growing entrepreneurs. Built over a social platform, the website allows individuals to stay connected and motivated.

Most of Ricky’s content is based on stock trading. However, Ricky also focuses on some of the other aspects of entrepreneurial ventures such as flipping cars and real estate.


A little more about Ricky Gutierrez

Ricky appears to be a likable and honest guy, who is sure to provide you reviews about everything and offer you complete knowledge about stock trading. But you should not be believing what you see, because looks can be deceptive. Well, what appears is not always true. Ricky, once on his YouTube channel, uploaded a video that had the title, “How I made $200,000 by the age of 21”. Well, the title is eye-catching and sure to make you believe that he earned through stock trading. Since he is a leader in the market, he claims to have earned everything through stock trading. This is mostly believable because he claims to be the leading stock trader. Well, in in-depth research, I found out that what Ricky claims is not what he does. Although he really did make up a huge sum of money by the age of 21, he did not solely earn it through stock trading. He got involved in a lot of entrepreneurial ventures such as real estate and more to make up such a huge amount. He was 20 when he bought his first property. Thus, my first impression was that of him being a receiver.


YouTube Channel

Ricky Gutierrez also owns a YouTube channel where he gives knowledge to young entrepreneurs through his videos. Ricky’s popularity through YouTube is a very short affair for he grew to fame within a short period. It was only last year when his YouTube channel shot to fame. Since then, Ricky has gathered a huge number of following.