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Is Ricky Guiterrez a scammer?

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Published: 15 October 2019

Posted by: Bossman George

All of us want to learn more and earn more. Don’t we? Well, you can try out several ways which can help you in the future. With the coming in of the internet, we have seen several people coming over different sessions to offer advice. Moreover, the internet has made it extremely easy for us to focus on things.

Also, we have seen a lot of entrepreneurs who have made it easier for us to learn new tips and techniques. Also, these entrepreneurs introduce a wide range of products which they claim are helpful for us. One such entrepreneur is no one, Ricky Gutierrez. He claims to have provided us with a lot of courses that can help to boost our online trading career and earn. Well, is it true? Read to find out.


Who is Ricky Gutierrez?

Ricky Gutierrez is a 22-year old young entrepreneur from Gilbert, Arizona. He deals in the business of day trading. Day trading is extremely helpful and helps you boost up the business. If you check out the social media handles of Ricky Gutierrez, you will eventually find out that he claims to be the “youngest millionaire in Gilbert, AZ.” Ricky claims that he found success in early life with trading, and since then he shifted his part-time to company.




Ricky’s brainchild Techbud Solutions is an online website full of knowledgeable content for young or budding entrepreneurs. Techbud Solution is an online peer to peer community developed to help the growing entrepreneurs. Built over a social platform, the website allows individuals to stay connected and motivated.

Most of Ricky’s content is based on stock trading. However, Ricky also focuses on some of the other aspects of entrepreneurial ventures such as flipping cars and real estate.


A little more about Ricky Gutierrez

Ricky appears to be a likable and honest guy, who is sure to provide you reviews about everything and offer you complete knowledge about stock trading. But you should not be believing what you see, because looks can be deceptive. Well, what appears is not always true. Ricky, once on his YouTube channel, uploaded a video that had the title, “How I made $200,000 by the age of 21”. Well, the title is eye-catching and sure to make you believe that he earned through stock trading. Since he is a leader in the market, he claims to have earned everything through stock trading. This is mostly believable because he claims to be the leading stock trader. Well, in in-depth research, I found out that what Ricky claims is not what he does. Although he really did make up a huge sum of money by the age of 21, he did not solely earn it through stock trading. He got involved in a lot of entrepreneurial ventures such as real estate and more to make up such a huge amount. He was 20 when he bought his first property. Thus, my first impression was that of him being a receiver.


YouTube Channel

Ricky Gutierrez also owns a YouTube channel where he gives knowledge to young entrepreneurs through his videos. Ricky’s popularity through YouTube is a very short affair for he grew to fame within a short period. It was only last year when his YouTube channel shot to fame. Since then, Ricky has gathered a huge number of following.




If you search his YouTube channel, you will be able to find a wide range of activities such as that of basics in trading penny stocks and some real estate market. If you are new to the stock market industry, you will surely be attracted to Ricky’s channel. But trust me, not everything that glitters is gold. Gutierrez offers valuable free lessons on his YouTube channel but all of that is very basic something that you already know. 

Ricky mainly focused on the areas of watch-lists, penny stock trading, and read stock charts. Basically, on his YouTube channel and website, you will find out everything you had been looking for and what you may already know. However, in many areas, Ricky fails to provide accurate information required. 

Ricky’s sister even appears on the YouTube channel as a student. Currently, Ricky is mentoring his younger sister. In the mentoring session, he offers knowledge from the basic level to the advanced (as per his claims). In the session, he offers basic knowledge about the stock market, how to grow her Robinhood account, planning strategies and preparing frameworks for her to use in proceedings. Also, it is astonishing to see how Ricky only talks but does not necessarily explain the required points. 


Techbud Solution: Ricky’s Brainchild

By now I have already mentioned about Ricky’s Brainchild, Techbud Solutions. Techbud Solutions is a social media platform, mostly active on Facebook. This Facebook group has around 90,000 members interacting with each other. Space provides a comfortable environment for like-minded people to come together, share ideas and learn more.

The people of the group continuously interact with each other for various reasons and share ideas. Techbud Solutions further contains sub-groups for various financial sectors such as cryptocurrency, real estate, and stocks. Techbud Solution is a free platform for everyone to join. However, if anyone wishes to learn more, they can sign up with the premium course for the reachable platform. The course allows you to take your knowledge to a much-advanced level. Well, you can surely be impressed by the entire idea. But there is always a backdrop with the upsells. Ricky promises to provide you advanced knowledge in the premium plan, but all he provides is the information already available over the internet for free. So, if you are signing up you are only wasting money. 


Learn Plan Profit

Ricky, over the years, offered free content to his users, but finally, he introduced his monetized lessons, Learn Plan Profit. As per his claims, this course is most beneficial for millennials and beginners in the field of stock trading. I came to know about Ricky through his Facebook page. After joining his Facebook page, I became extremely curious about Learn Plan Profit as well.

Since he claims to be the Guru of stock trading, I thought to check Learn Plan Profit a bit. Learn Plan Profit course is an advanced part of all his free video tutorials and content. Comparatively, Ricky Gutierrez did not promote Learn Plan Profit as he was supposed to, but he does sell his course. Hence, the entire business model of Ricky Gutierrez is entirely focused on Learn Plan Profit’s sales.

A lot of trade gurus make money from their courses rather than their general knowledge of trading. Well, Ricky Gutierrez is one of them. Although there is nothing wrong with earning from education, they should be providing quality content. Ever since Learn Plan Profit was launched, it has been able to make a huge profit of around $1 million. This significantly implies that they have sold more than 3,000 copies. Learn Profit Plan contains all details available on the YouTube channels for free. So why would you want to spend money on something that is already available over the internet? 


How does Ricky Gutierrez make money?

By now, you must already be aware of Ricky Gutierrez. He started with his YouTube channel and grew bigger with his daily trading tips and advice. Not to be mean or anything, but if you check out his videos, you will be able to make out that he is nothing more than a scam. Honestly, his website and videos tend to make claims that are nothing less than false.


Learn Plan Profit is a totally bogus

If you have followed Ricky on his YouTube channel, you already know what he teaches. I have heard a lot of my friends and other people over the internet claiming that Ricky’s course, Learn Plan Profit does not provide anything special. All the major parts of his course are an advanced version of his YouTube videos. If you have already purchased the course, you don’t need to search through his YouTube videos to find out what you need. I will advise you to search and browse his YouTube video a little before purchasing the profit. This will eventually save you a lot of money.


What does Learn Plan Profit provide?

Learn Plan Profit provides complete knowledge about stock trading. As per the claims, the course is extremely beneficial for beginners. In Learn Plan Profit, Ricky provides a wide range of knowledge regarding different things. His entire course covers the following

  • Developed strategies to boost up hot stocks beneficial for trading
  • Risk management and technical analysis
  • Chart patterns to follow to boost up the business
  • Mindset lessons to improve focus and enhance personal growth
  • How to find out the swing trades, the efficient golden rules to finding out the best time to purchase
  • Steps to trading ETFs- In this section, Ricky talks about chart patterns, watch-lists and the future in the trading industry
  • Quiz for the beginners to improve their knowledge and help them retain what they learn
  • In the end, the people also get to learn about the additional thing in terms of real estate investment and buying and selling of exotic cars. Well, this is helpful for you to drive some bonus.

Most of the people joining Ricky’s course think that they would be able to own a Lamborghini within a few months. Well, the reality is far behind the truth. If you want to achieve as much success as Ricky, you probably won’t be because he has been in the business for long and is familiar with the working. In one of his interviews, Ricky admitted that he spent around five years in stock trading without making any money. But Ricky promises that within a month, you will become rich. Please do not believe in his claims. 


Brief about the Learn Plan Profit Course

Learn Plan Profit, as per claims is suitable for beginners. It is long, has a lot of content that can be beneficial in the future only if you are stuck to the lower level. The course won’t help you grow in the trading field.  The Learn Plan Profit contains 70 videos with 7 hours. The entire course is a combination of screen recordings and live recordings. The entire course describes the trading strategies brought forward by Ricky Gutierrez.


Learn Plan Profit Pricing

If you want lifetime access of Learn Plan Profit course, you will need to purchase it for $299, which is huge. However compared to the other trading courses for a long time, the price is absolutely worthless. Also, Learn Plan Profit does come up with a lot of sneaky up-sells which will cost you money.

Ricky also introduced different coupons and discounts to make it easier for his audience to purchase. If you are looking forward to purchasing the plan, you should check out the live videos of Ricky Gutierrez where he announces discounts. However, in the course, you may have a limited period discount only. Therefore, you need to rush with it. Also, a discount is just a bait to attract you to their business. It necessarily does not bring about any change. 


Is Learn Plan Profit worth the money?

Well, if you are planning to begin your trading career by getting lifetime access to Learn Plan Profit it is better that you skip it. Before you actually purchase the course, I would recommend you to browse online and find different blogs and websites dedicated to trading, for example, Investopedia.  These areas will give you a proper idea of what you should be doing and what you shouldn’t. But, you should always be aware of two things

Trading is difficult and success doesn’t come overnight. Thus, you need to stay focused. No matter how good the course is, if you do not pay attention, you cannot work properly. So, taking a course can in no way determine that you will make money.

The learning process for each individual is different. Hence, while some may find it easy, some may suffer from learning from it. Based on your learning capabilities, the success may vary as well. Hence, you should prefer checking out the free content before paying up for the service.


Is it helpful?

If you are a total newbie, then Learn Plan Profit is just not the course for you. If you are already aware of how trading works, purchasing this plan from Ricky Gutierrez is an entire waste of money and time. There isn’t any new thing that you will be learning from the course.

Honestly, Ricky claims that he is one of the smartest traders in the industry and doesn’t attempt to hide it. But if he was launching a course, he should have been a little smarter to include few tips for the intermediate traders as well. Ricky, however, does not promise that you will earn four to five figures in a day through trading. He claims that you would only be able to make a few hundred dollars on a daily basis. Even if it is a good sum of money, it isn’t much satisfactory. If you are in the trading circle and wish to earn some money, you wouldn’t be able to do it if you aren’t updated about the market. Ricky, however, does not keep you updated about the market. 

Ricky is a young entrepreneur suitable only for beginners who are just diving into the marketing sector. If you have checked out his YouTube tutorials, you will prefer spending money somewhere else. Well, that is what I did.


Is Ricky Guiterrez a scammer?

Ricky Guiterrez is young and manipulative. Anyone would surely be lured by his motivational talks because he rides the supercars and lives a lavish life. Who wouldn’t want to believe or take money-making tips from someone who became a millionaire by the age of 21? Everyone would. Every other day Ricky uploads a YouTube video showing off his supercar as an attempt to draw more audiences.

One of the Reddit users said, “As someone who is also a financial major Ricky’s videos make me want to smash my head on my keyboard it’s that much of a scam.” Well, exactly Ricky Guiterrez makes big promises all good for nothing. Many Reddit users claim that what Ricky teaches is something everyone will be able to do just with basic knowledge. However, the only thing required is persistent practicing. Once you fulfill the criteria, you will be able to excel it.

In one of his videos, Ricky claimed that he earned $11,000 a day from stock trading. Would you want to believe something that sounds so fake? Moreover, which millionaire who claims to be self-made, would go around selling his course? This is one major concern that everyone has. Ricky Guiterrez is from a rich family and it is very easy for him to make claims. But, it is extremely difficult for some normal people to fulfill the claim.

Ricky Guiterrez has often committed some grave mistakes via his trading platform which will make you doubt him. Moreover, there aren’t many claims about him profiting or suffering loss in his business. Ricky Guiterrez meets the expectation levels of beginners but fails to do so when it comes to advanced and intermediaries. This lack of providing complete information has often made him a victim of so many backlashes.

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