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Ricky Gutierrez - False motivation and a danger to society

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Published: 02 July 2019

Posted by: Ricky Chang

There are genuine money makers and then there are fake money makers. The latter category is foun the most in contemporary society for they thrive on one simple principle called motivation. They double up as motivational gurus who lure people into trading and supposedly setting the foundation for a wealthy life which they happen to showcase already with their fast cars, big houses and trendy vacations. However, there is more to this than what meets the eye. Ricky Gutierrez is one such false financial guru who has successfully managed to swindle hundreds if not thousands of people out of their money and has also managed to get them to invest in his deadly combination of money making and motivation rolled into one. 

This guy has had several complaint posted against him over the years although nothing has really materialized on the authority front when it comes to taking action against him. Ricky Gutierrez continues to be at large and continues posting videos and pictures of how he has apparently made it big when the reality is that this guy is hardly ever trading in stocks actually and making such profits. His wealth depends on how many people pay to listen to him and how much money his videos and programs make. This is the basis of his profit that he claims is substantial and based on beating the system. Well, such unrealistic expectations are passe nowadays and sensible people will be loath to put their money into such people and their philosophies. 

Gutierrez has managed to find a loyal band of followers who trade with him every step of the way and also pay through their noses hoping to be as successful and rich as him one day. However, they couldn’t be farther from reality; what they’re doing is essentially feeding him and his ilk and this is the actual reality. There have been innumerable complaint issued against this guy which he has managed to subvert time and again. There is no truth to his claims of making it big or striking it rich by using revolutionary trading strategies. This is something that people should beware of by all means. 

Gutierrez has improbable tactics which he uses to explain his science of making so much money in the trading arena. These tactics have already been rubbished by noted Wall Street players and other experts who have always seconded the fact that making money does not come easy and with such shortcuts. If that was the case then every average Joe would be rolling in the dough. Gutierrez has managed to build a brand I give him that since otherwise he would not be getting so many gullible people to invest in his schemes. However, much of it is based on a sham and he is one of the latest new financial gurus out there who are making the big bucks through their cunning and not through actual and legal systems of trading. America loves its success stories and this is the sentiment that Gutierrez feeds into while plying his stories like these to people. In fact, I myself signed up for one of his programs which promised an amazing return. I was also promised several trade secrets, knowledge from the man himself and also an opportunity to have a better life. Everywhere I saw, the man was swamped with followers who were hanging onto each word that he spoke. However, as I found out to my chagrin and after wasting a ton of money on Gutierrez, everything that is said here is false and the entire thing is basically a sham. I do have proof which I am going to use at the right time to expose this guy who does not really have any moral fibre or integrity when it comes to peddling his financial and money making programs. 

I have learnt to be wiser now and thank him for that lesson which was painful and pocket-emptying but I will never be lured into any such thing again. Too much greed gets you its just rewards which is what happened to me. My sole mission now is to make sure that other people do not end up making the same mistake as I did by falling into this man’s clutches. Everything about him is shady right from his connections and lifestyle to his purpoted expertise of the financial markets. Guys like these should be stopped from doing business in our country and even elsewhere for they pose a threat to society. They are mopping up more money than they have ever seen in their lives simply by swindling people with cleverly made-up success stories. I even tried posting my experience which was hugely negative but it was removed from several websites in a matter of minutes or even hours in some cases. 

This goes to show that Gutierrez has a team working for him to remove such negative comments and reviews. This is alarming to say the least since he is playing Google and other search engines by ensuring that there are only positive reviews which make more people sign up for his system and program. There are of course intimidating followers, many of which are fake accounts run by his team and others who have business connections with him. These people have only one mission- to take down and intimidate people posting negative reviews. Just post one negative comment on Facebook or elsewhere and you will see the instant impact. They will report abuse your profile and get the comment removed anyhow. This goes to show how the man operates. He is a clever guy having managed to get so many people convinced about his financial prowess and expertise of financial markets but methinks that people are vulnerable enough to fall for it like I did. I will never ever be making the same mistake again and will do all that I can to expose this person and make sure that he gets the right punishment for his misdeeds by all means. There are several other complaint that have surfaced from other people amidst the crowd of paid positive reviews which I will also share below. Some of these experiences are quite similar to mine and I am amazed that these guys are still not taking any legal action against Ricky Gutierrez. 




One person writes that Ricky Gutierrez trades with the knowledge and precociousness of a three year old child. He only looks at the direction of the line which the stocks are taking. He does not even know the basic concepts as per this complainant which include the price to sales, PE, price to book and so on. He also never gives the financial statements a glance which is what the complainant personally saw. Gutierrez also does not discuss anything about market trends, rising rates and so on since it is pretty obvious- this is a SCAM! This guy is only interested in selling courses related to trading. He has targeted an impossible return of 66.7% in only a month or every month as many of his statements seem to give out. This is not possible for so many months in succession. While it is always possible to make a good income through swing/day trading, these kind of returns are not possible no matter how good the tool you get. 

In fact, one complainant who was similarly swindled by the system, reports that if the guy is actually making a ton of cash, why is he selling the program for such a low price in comparison? There are risks inherent in trading which these gurus are simply glossing over with pictures of houses and cars that you can reportedly own if you are following their system. This is the dangerous part. There is no proof of anyone having got any success by following Ricky Gutierrez’s advocated methods. 90% of people have in fact lost money by following his trades and people also do not realize that there is no shortcut. It could take several years to even see some profits and hence this is where these financial gurus try to make it look easy by saying that they make so and so amounts in a single day and what not! 

This is where you will find some more information about the fake financial guru that Ricky Gutierrez actually is- 


Ricky Gutierrez claims to be in his twenties and has several YouTube advertisements going around on his own channel. This is where he talks about day trading that he does and also offers advice on stock positions to people while peddling his own program as well. Some of the videos are so absurd that it is clear that the whole thing is a sham basically without any proper analysis and yet the guy keeps on mentioning how he remains on track towards earning $7 million in a year alone and keeps showing luxury stuff and supercars in his videos to tempt people into paying money for his so-called unique system of day trading. These guys usually make some trades which are good and then record the same prior to uploading them on YouTube and then rent supercars and homes for making them seem wealthy. They then build a course and promote the same to students while advertising some false successful students who are in reality actors paid to be on the program. 

Ricky Gutierrez is a master scammer whose claims are totally false about being so successful and rich. He does not know anything really about day trading and the stock market and yet covers it up with false images of his lifestyle. He has never worked at Wall Street and runs a cohort which is packed with fools who do not have any idea as to his lack of knowledge or duplicity. He does not have any professional experience and yet claims that he can make anyone rich in a matter of days and is piling on the dollars by selling his courses. He should be investigated comprehensively by the authorities including the Attorney General of Arizona as requested by one complainant in a post. This guy is a Wall Street professional so he knew that Gutierrez was basically a fraud who only teaches day trading and penny stocks in the most amateurish manner and does not reveal any statements of transactions which are accurate or statements of brokerages. He is selling a glamorous lifestyle to people in a fraudulent manner. 

One complainant sums it up well when he states that this scammer is taking the money of innocent people and living it up. He also states that the guy is young and had so much potential to actually help others and society but instead he is taking a path of lies and deceit which is really tragic by all means. That kind of reflects my own thoughts about Ricky Gutierrez. The young guy has no clue that he is moving so far away from redemption of any sort. There will come a time when he will be completely exposed and his life will be wrecked at a young age just coming to terms with the guilt not to mention the legal action that he could face. Not knowing anything about serious trading is a crime when you are selling your knowledge and day trading programs to people by getting them to invest and then luring them to invest in more stocks and tips for getting rich. This will never take him anywhere good and I beseech everybody who’s reading this to avoid this con artist and instead make sure that he gets punishment which is what he rightly deserves. Keep your money safe and don’t hand it out to self-proclaimed financial wizards like Ricky Gutierrez. I speak from personal experience and having lost money and time both, I want to make sure that no one else has to go through the same experience anytime. 


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