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Published: 07 March 2019

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Buyer Beware! I allowed this company to push me into buying an older motorcycle so they could get rid of it. The one my wife wanted, we were told, we couldn’t get and yet it was the same price as what we did get. I have had to return the motorcycle two times because the clutch is almost gone and they keep saying it is within spec. The clutch slips and does not engage until it is all the way at the top of release. The response from both sales managers and the service manager is “that is how Yamaha clutches are.” I finally was in contact with the general manager and he states otherwise but will not do anything about it. He states because his service dept says its within spec, then its good. He now wants me to come out and do the inspection with the mechanic, which serves no purpose. I am not a mechanic but in my opinion the clutch is bad. When I asked why they are so adamant about not replacing the clutch I was told that they are in the business of replacing clutches. From two months of asking for it to be done that does not seem to be true. These guys are some of the biggest manipulators I have ever dealt with. I purchased this motorcycle on July 5th and it is now August 28th and it is still an issue. We have put approximately 50 miles on this bike and 22 of them are from riding it back to Ride Now. I am getting a second opinion from another dealership and will more than likely have to pay for a new clutch. After scheduling a drop off and being told they would look at it that day, when I got there, I was told sorry, the service dept is closed today. I called the next afternoon to find out what had happened with the clutch and they knew nothing about it. Later that day I received a call, after calling them all day, to tell me it had been adjusted and apologized for the way it was. The mechanic stated it should have never been delivered that way to start with. Later that evening, I called to see if I could get it delivered and was told by Tom that he would find out and let me know. Nothing happened. The next day I spoke to Tom three more times and was informed he had forgotten and would find out. I never received another call from him or anyone else. After a full day of phone calls, I finally asked for the service manager who then scheduled the delivery. There is still very little engagement in the clutch and I am told that’s just how that brand is. I don’t buy it! Poor customer service, especially from the service dept. I should not have to call them for days to get a few answers or accept a clutch that doesn’t work correctly. Once you are out the door and they have your money, you no longer matter to this company! .

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