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Published: 25 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

This puppy producer puts a lot of time and energy into marketing her puppies. She places her puppies in cute little costumes for the world to see however the following photos of her kennel speak volumes about her ethics and the misery that is behind those cute little puppy photos that you see on her websites. The following photos are actual photos taken of her Kennels at 385 Keith Salem Road Ringgold Ga. in July of 2013. The heat under those tarps out in the broad open sun during the summer days in Georgia is stifling and the photos do not allow you to smell the stench that permeates the air. It just sinks into your clothing. In some of the photos you will see that she has fans that are to cool the dogs down. Air from a fan may cool a human down, but dogs have a totally different method of keeping themselves cool. Dogs do not sweat to cool themselves down as humans do.When humans perspire the sweat evaporates into the air and it is this evaporation that cools our bodies. Putting a fan on a human will give him relief from the heat. All it does for a dog is just blow hot air across him. Dogs cool themselves by panting. The air is quickly moved across the inner membranes of the nose and this cools them down. Brachycephalic breeds such as Bulldogs have a nose that is much shorter than normal. This is why Bulldogs overheat given the same conditions as say a German Shepherd. The Airlines know this and restrict the shipment of snub nosed breeds of dogs during warmer months. There have been hundreds of deaths just on plane flights alone. Karla is very aware of these needs as well. She had at least one dog that died while being shipped. Here is the link: http://www.uship.com/profile/755637288/ Here is a clipping of her instructions to a shipper that she was using to transport a dog. Karla L states “Also bulldogs need air-conditioning at all times during the summer so you will need to keep her cool. Karla L states “This bulldog died in transit. A necropsy was done and it was determined that she died from heat exhaustion. In other words she died because she got too hot. This person should not transport animals because of lack of care. When I placed this ad I stated in the ad that bulldogs require air-conditioning at all times. Apparently this was not done. Please make sure the person you hire has knowledge of the breed you are shipping. Also, we did not know he did not have a license to transport animals.” Response from tcbigo: (The Shipper) 1st off I’m sorry this happened, the copy I received from the vet stated that she died from heat or stress which means he is not sure. 2nd she was sick and having trouble breathing when I picked her up from breeder which you knew. 3rd she was with me for an hour and a half with the ac on, that is why I used my car because van ac went out. Fourth the vaccine papers stated a different breed and not the one for this dog. I have handled this breed before with no problems, my feedback tells all. By your own statement in the previous paragraph that I have highlighted yellow, do you not agree that you should not be allowed to breed animals because of lack of care. Just how many dogs have died at your kennel because of heat exhaustion? Karla please look at your kennels and what you are putting your dogs through. Just look and you can see how miserable the dogs in the photos are. Just imagine having to elect between standing in mud or having to sit on a filthy block that is caked in hair, mud and feces just to keep out of the mud. It is a miserable existence. Think about being kept in a dark dungeon type atmosphere under heat trapping tarps. Not to mention the freezing weather. The stench of rotting feces, ammonia, maggots and mold. Industrial chemical tanks converted into dog houses. Chemicals continue to leach from tanks and fill the houses for years. Look at the poor dogs neck and eyes. A veterinarian is needed. Just how do you expect the bulldog in the photo with the bucket of water to get his short neck over the edge and down into that bucket to drink the nasty water? Just how much would it cost to take care of these dogs properly? The puppies sell for thousands. Quit being greedy and have some compassion. If you don’t care about dogs and I will never believe you care, please go find something you are passionate about. Compare the following photos to the photos at the website Prisoners of Greed. http://www.prisonersofgreed.org/kennel-examples.html Once you view the photos at the website tell me if you think Karla Lowes Kennels deserves the title Prisoners of Greed. Karla it is unconscionable to keep dogs in these conditions! .

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