Ridgeview Family Dental

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Never coming back here! Regret going here!

I have to say that sadly Ridgeview Family Dental will not be my family dental service providers anymore. I had been a patient with them for 4 years, but over my last few visits, it had started to feel more like I am a customer for them and not a patient. And if you know the difference between the two, you know why it is such a bad feeling.

I must say that their services are still of great quality. But it seems that the high tech medical gadgets and dental equipments must have been really expensive. That seems to be the only reason why the charges here for each visit as well as any procedure seem to have risen drastically over a short period of time. Yes, medical insurance covers quite a bit of them, but imagine if you have run out of it or worse, don’t have any. Also, this is just one of the reasons why I said it felt like being a customer more than a patient. The charges seem to be increasing with demand and on their upgradation. I don’t think it should be that way. The fact that you have the latest technology should be enough to get in more patients and thus, generate more income. This should help you recover the cost of the machine. But not to be so, as they went with increasing the charges for patients.

The other thing that seems to have changed for me is the attitude of the staff. The reception staff especially seems to be on the edge recently. I noticed this in my last three visits. They were not as friendly to us and even rude to some. The environment is not so comforting. I don’t think I’ll feel like going back to Ridgeview Family Dental.

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