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Published: 08 September 2018

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Right At Home Health Care Agency and their corporate office in the midwest has failed to answer for all the large senior citizen security deposits scammed by their franchise in Tacoma, Washington. I would like to encourage any family member, survivor or direct former client or current client of any Right At Home Care Agency and find out just where you security deposit is located—as those deposits never went to any trust account–it went right into someone’s direct bank account—it is not secured–it is already spent. Go ahead, any Right At Home client should demand the franchise owner for the certified bank statement that shows their security deposit is sitting nicely in a trust account, month after month, drawing interest. One of the best known elder lawyers is Attorney Rajiv Nagaich, website is eldercounsel.com, this attorney advocates for the elderly. Let him know that you or your loved one was scammed by Right At Home Tacoma, never received back your security deposit, and that you were charged overtime for holidays and most of the employees at Right At Home were not paid overtime, so it is fraud. There are another 100 clients or more needing their money back but have not figured out how to get help for this, so an advertisement and the news media needs to get involved. The attorney’s office is Johnson and Nagaich, 31919 6th Ave S A100, Federal Way, Wa 98003, phone 253-927-3344. A class action law suit is necessary; you could be compensated ‘treble’ damages (the amount owed times three, i.e, if you are owed $100, the amount owed becomes $300) as Right At Home Tacoma did not have a current In Home Care License with Department of Health the last couple of months that they were operating. Meanwhile Corporate is nit-picking, saying that they are not responsibile, telling employees who were not paid that they have no proof. If you are one of those employees, go back to the client’s home if possible, or try to find their family/contacts and get them or a family member to give you a statement that you worked there. If that is not possible, find another former worker who knew you worked there. Just a few of the clients that I have heard about who haven’t been paid back monie dues them: Sandy Huggins, Robert Hahn, Sharon Campbell/Florence Emory, Thomas Mitchell, Phillip Rogers/Cragg Rogers, Mary Hanson, Tara Bigbee, George Thompson, Caroline Delong/Walter Delong III, and Corrine Brown. If you didn’t think this was disgusting enough, other business franchise owners were allowed into Right At Home Tacoma to comb through the client files, and they tossed client files around as ones they would like, and ones they did not like—all their information was exposed to Right At Home Gig Harbor and Right At Home Seattle without the permission of the client, these are privacy violations. They picked through who they wanted and left the rest to hang on the vine. Department of Health will have something to say about this! All those employees who have NSF checks and who were never paid, Department of Labor & Industries does want you to file a claim. www.lni.wa.gov If you have kept your pay stubs, take those to employment security department and worksource, as it is proof that you were also robbed of trusts (FICA, medicare, income tax that was withdrawn from your check, but not deposited with the IRS). This is also considered embezzlement. The IRS will want to know about it; www.irs.gov. Also, the owners of the Right At Home franchise in Tacoma have a bankruptcy hearing on April 15, 2014, 10:30 am at the US Courthouse in Tacoma, Courtroom J, “”Dale Dyck Anderson”” and this is an appropriate place to tell the judge that the Andersons did not list all their debts, as they did not list any employees or clients as being owed. The judge needs to know that they are frauding the US Government, Corporate is trying to say that they owe no one, but they did take a royalty off each invoice billed to clients, so they are equally a part of what went wrong because they had plenty of complaint and did nothing to stop this. .

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