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This company deserves to be classified as a fraudulent one.

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Published: 27 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Telling from my personal experience, Rising S Company is the one of the fraud committing companies which advertise so much about them and deliver nothing. This company provides with storm shelters and steel bunkers and assures them to keep out nuclear/biological/chemical waste and water out of it making it waterproof and safe but, I am sorry to say all the facilities they advertise and assure to provide, they fail to deliver even 10% of it.
Some time back I came to know about this company and with the idea of installing a shelter I contacted with them. With a long phone call with one of their employees we locked a down payment of $26k for a 22-seat waterproof NBC shelter. On the call the person was very cherry and polite. As I had no prior knowledge about this installation of the shelter, I put my trust in them as they seemed very convincing and trust worthy company. But as the time went on and once the advance was paid, they started to avoid my calls. They never reached me on their own for the updates on the shelter and its delivery date. I started to email them, call them but there was no proper and timely response. The only timely response I got was when I involved my attorney. After hundreds of emails, texts and countless calls they truly responded and gave a solid delivery date after delaying it so many times. But when I saw the product I was devastated.
At the time of finalizing the deal they assured me that they will take care of everything as I was unaware about these things but at the time of seeing the shelter my mouth was left open. It was so horrible. Not even one thing they assured was up to the mark. The handle on the door was so rough. Seats were not comfortable. Looking at the lights I saw there was only three four footers and there was a two-foot light, I ordered four four footers. When I went to the exit, I closed the door to see how the water got in and from the inside I could see light coming through the bottom of the door, the door wasn\’t installed right. There were no weather caps on the air filter pipes. Talking about the isolation of the electric wires from the battery to lights was pathetic. They were just hanging around the walls. After waiting for such a long time and also paying a lump sum amount in advance, seeing the shelter in such a condition I was feeling so disgruntled. I confronted the staff who came to install it but they started to sidestep my queries about the shelter. When I demanded true answers from them, they started showing a very odious behavior and told me to talk with their supervisor so I was forced to call their supervisor. On calling their supervisor I came to know that he was such a garrulous person and expecting a true answer from him was like arguing with a wall. Then I called the person with whom I finalized the shelter deal. I stated my queries and demanded a true answer but he retracted on all the things he assured at the time of finalizing the deal. I felt so cheated at that time that companies like this first advertise deceptive claims, verbally promises you with every facility but at the time of delivery they not only present you with a pathetic product but also doesn’t stand on their promises.
After being so violated I demanded them to take the shelter back and threatened them that I will file a lawsuit against them. With this fear they requested me to give them some time and they will do some upgradations and make the shelter up to mark. I was so furious at that time that I told them to take the shelter back and give my advance back for exploiting me so much. They started making excuses about some fraud policy so I was forced to involve my attorney again to claim my advance back.
This company makes fake promises, fail to deliver what they sell and present. They don’t know how to respect their client and how to provide services to their customers. They deceive customers with polite and cherry behavior till the deal is finalized, but after that they don’t pay any attention to their customer and even don’t stand on the facilities, they have assured at the time of finalizing the deal.
According to me the motto of this company should be “ALL SHOW AND NO GO”. Try not to be deceived by their fraud advertisement and fake commitments because now you know that they all are hollow.

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