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They are savages and have no sense of etiquettes or skills!

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Published: 31 May 2019

Posted by: Margaret

River Oaks Dental has a terrible group of people working there. The place has a very irritating ambiance and you’d feel like you’re in a prison cell or a detention class. The staff looks always dull and irritated. And they handle everything very carelessly. The hygienist here is particularly rude and irritating. They all seem like they don’t even know the meaning of the word decency. All they know about is sitting in a chair. My experience with River Oaks Dental was pathetic. The hygienist did a horrible job while cleaning my teeth. She was handling my teeth really harshly and the cleaning was really painful. The experience was so uncomfortable that I had to point it out in the middle of the treatment. She just made a face and told me that I shouldn’t bother her during the cleaning because I wouldn’t want to make her mad. That’s just utter nonsense, to be honest. When I complained about the rude behavior of the hygienist, the dentist didn’t bother to listen. According to her, there must’ve been some reason for her to behave this rudely. She was implying that I must’ve irritated her on purpose. Look, I’m all about standing up for your subordinates and all but one should understand that one’s staff can do mistakes too. They are humans too after all. And the way her hygienist had behaved during my dental cleaning, I was quite certain that she has no idea of how to behave with patients. The rest of the staff is equally rude. By complaining about one of their people, I had actually made myself their enemy or some sort. I know that because receptionist, who didn’t really greet anyone at first, started behaving in a more hostile way. I had visited the clinic again after the cleaning after a few weeks for a routine dental checkup. I was feeling a bit of pain in one of my teeth and I wanted to find out if it was because of some dental issue or something. When I had reached the reception to confirm my appointment, the receptionist acted all nice. And as soon as I turned away, she just said ‘B*tch’. Obviously, I turned to ask if she said anything and she just replied saying that yes, she had called me a b*tch. We obviously got into an argument then. She was calling me names and telling me to drop dead because I couldn’t handle even a little bit of harshness. According to her, I was racist and trying to get her friend fired because of my extreme racism. That was all a blasphemy. I’ve never had such a painful cleaning before. After my argument, I didn’t want to stay there anymore so I left. The staff there is terrible and has a lot of problems. They should work on their soft skills and etiquettes. They are ill-tempered and have no idea how to talk to customers. I wouldn’t recommend this place.

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