River Valley Care Center

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A filthy place which has no sense of responsibility!

River Valley Care Center is a filthy place which has no sense of responsibility or cares for the patients. If you’re looking for a rehab center then avoid this place. Their food quality is below par and they don’t even bother to keep the place clean. The only area they keep clean is the reception because that’s where most of the new customers spend the most time. My 70-year old dad had to stay here because of an injury. According to him, it was one of the worst times of his life. They really have to work on keeping the place clean and ensuring the food is edible. They serve trash to the patients and the patients, who have no other option, are forced to eat the same. My dad told me that falling sick there with an upset stomach was quite common there. And people who have trouble walking used to face a lot of difficulty in moving around. Just imagine, you’re above 65, with a broken hip, and you’re having diarrhea. How difficult would your life become? For me, it’d be unbearable. The filthy environment and the trashy food quality are only the tips of the iceberg. The staff is terrible as well. My dad fell sick twice during his small stay there but I was never made aware of this fact. The visiting times are very narrow which makes it really difficult to meet the patient. If the staff really cared about the patients, it wouldn’t keep such a secret from the patients’ families. It’s clear these people are in it only for the money. They don’t want to take responsibility for anything as well. My dad tells me that one of the patients had fallen down and got injured. But instead of taking responsibility for the event, they just sent him back to the family, saying he was no longer their responsibility. I’m certain they would have done something similar with my dad when he was staying there. I learned the lesson that I should have done enough research before choosing this place. I made my dad go through such a painful experience. I should’ve found out a little more about this place. I was fooled by their website and their customer service rep. I thought they were caring people who took their jobs seriously. If I had any idea that they were stupid and careless professionals, I wouldn’t have made the decision to let my dad stay here. I would have found someplace else with better facilities and more importantly, better staff. I’d suggest you avoid this place as well. They don’t keep the place clean, they don’t look after the patients’ health and they don’t provide them with proper food. When you’re paying this much, you expect to get proper services in return. These people fail in providing even that. I don’t think it’d be okay for any senior or injured person to visit this place. I’m sure there are tons of better locations around.

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