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Published: 28 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

I signed a 12 month lease to rent this 2 story condo style at a place called PALOMINO POINTE APARTMENTS. RMG Realty is the property management and the HOA, and the OWNER. I have requested some things before moving in that needed attention. None was taken care of, especially the carpets. The master bedroom carpet had brown/yellowish big stain as well as a red stain near the closet. The smell of cat urine at the bottom of the steps, which the steps has carpet too. I was told by the people up front i was denied. The people up front was two girls. They half fast their job, lie and cheat there way out of responsibilties, especially when its their fault, its not their fault. To paint you a picture of their mental attitude. I have requested to speak to the landlord, the person i am paying rent, i ahve every RIGHT to speak with them. I kept getting the “YEAH”, after asking some things, and nothing ever happening. Like when i moved in they were going to have an easier way to pay rent and six months go by and nothing came about it, and yes i re-asked each month everytime i paid too! You know the answer i got. Just to name a few other things, the walls were dirty, the fridge was putrid, oven/stove very old, some stove top didnt work, door not working properly for downstairs bathroom. Now that bathroom, is what they call a “Hide away”, there is other names, but its consist of the door as slider, sliding into the wall, typical for bathrooms where the toilet is in some new homes. The tracking is messed and sticks. So you can get stuck in there for a few minute messing with the door to get to slide back little at a time into the wall. No screens on the sliding screen doors for the porch or balcony, no screens on the windows. In fact i had a screen on the front window upon starting rent, first day i started to move in, the screen was gone and no one knew anything about it. The flooring upstairs hallway is torn up, and also in one spot downstairs too. There was more stuff too, as far as notations in regards of holes in the wall, ceiling, a chunck of carpet missing out of the second bedroom. I paint you that picture to have you know what i have been dealing with so far. As of June 3rd 2014, i finally met the landlord. Upon paying my rent in check at their office, i walked there with the intention to pay and continue walking down the street to the main road to pick up my vehicle at the auto shop from being repaired. I asked the girl up front now, the same questions i have been asking, and this time there is this guy there and he interjects talking about a portal online to make payments. Like any normal person, i asked who he was. He resonds, “Hi im the owner”, i respond back, “Hi im the owner, my name is Paul and i am one of your tenants. Has she ever told that i wanted to be contact with when i first moved in here anytime after that?”. He responds by stating that she doesn’t have to do that, you take care of whatever you need done here. Which not only an unprofessional response, but i am paying this guy my hard earned money to talk to people that cannot do their job. So i falt out told them that they have been ignorant to their responsibilities upon asking. He flips out on me, calling me, “a racist piece of s***”, “who the hell do i think you are”, just going off with nonsense with him cursing and screaming at the top of his lungs and telling me to get the f*** out his office! Prior to me leaving, i told him right then and there that this a perfect example of being ignorant to your responsibilites because i still have issues at the house that has un atttenative, and the main focus is on the electric. The main circuit breaker keeps popping, causing the whole house not to have power. I have to physically go outside and reset the breaker. This started in MAY, so when i pay my bill in the beginning of the month of JUNE, i will tell them. Which i did exactly that, so he had his NEW maintenence guy(not the one i was used to interacting the first 3 months of living there) to write up the report on it. I left after he told me to continue walking down the street to pick up my truck at the auto shop. Here comes “Hi im the owner” on his motorcycle talking up a trash storm, like before and proceeds to pull up next to me on the main street talking more, then pulls up to storage business parking lot and parks his motorcycle, gets off his bike and proceeds to walk in my direction opposite to where the auto shop, which is the next business down. He gets in my face talking that same trash, chests bumps, now he is begging me to hit him. Now i might add this is the public street, and i am walking and he is on his motorcycle. Road Rage best fits this, but wait. Even though its a matter of the “he said, she said” scenario, i cannot prove the words exchanged, but i can prove on why he was parked at the storage lot when i took his picture as well as the auto shop i was walking too after that heated confrontation at his office no more than 10 minutes prior to him oin his motorcycle. I will post the pictures on here. That same day i contacted APS and wanted the meter changed because the screen is messed up. So the next day on June 4th at 1:20pm, my electrical panel was blue tagged(notice of safety concern) because of the faulty main circuit breaker and the fact the whole panel itself which hold 4 units uncluding minewas about 40 degrees off the wall, not properly secured. A week goes by its June 10th and the main circuit has popped a couple times and no one from the office has come to look at it. The breaker is failing so bad, there is no clicking sound when turn it off or on. You can wiggle after it pops, and turning it on took some time, it wasn’t at first try. I went back to the front office and talked to Travis. He tells me that they pretty much didn’t do anyting because of my shit talking with the owner. I said, wow, shit talking, never knew the word ignorant is the new foul language. I demanded that he fix this today, and he tells me he will be out there in about 15 minutes. Two (2)hrs go by and finally shows up with someone else. Sees the problem i have, sees the blug tag on the meter, i mean you cannot miss it and he proceeds to tell me that he has to go downtown and get the part which wont be until tomorrow. Nothing happens. Unfortunately the power main circuit breaker is becomming more consistent with this power failure within the home. I mean none of the breakers inside the home pops, only the main circuit breaker. After a weekend of a turmoil on June 28thm having the power go out numerous times and then on sunday night the power failing again, but worse. This time around i didn’t have enough power to turn the a/c on. I have a fan blowing on me on one cicuit and a refrigerator on another circuit; when the fridge tries to turn on it shut the fan completely, involving me to have to power it back on. This is when i found out that not only they are closed on thwe weekends, but there is no other contact for any emergencies, nor do they check the voice mailbox. I did leave messages over the weekend, especially when i couldn’t get a/c working. It got hot sunday night, and was the worst night ever at this place. I didn’t mention this, but i have a dog, so my concerns are not just for my well being, but more my dog, as well as the other human beings that live in the same building that there is a HUGE potential fire hazard going on right now. I get a response back on June 30th, around 11am. Now its a NEW maintenance guy, never met him before, and apparently they don’t have to inform tenants of the change, so if he is a child molestor, its ok to allow them inside the house. On June 30 around 9pm the main circuit breaker was repalced and fortunate enough that the hired professional electrician had an extra main circuit breaker like the existing because its an outdated old style. July 1, 2014, i come home after work to find a piece of paper on the door for a 30 day notice. Notice of intent to terminate month-to-month tenancy(ARS33-1375). From a Dinorah Fernandez, which i think is that girl up front, which apparently this is all she is good for, making threats, rather than solutions. “Notice is hereby provided that your landlord has elected to terminate your month-to-month tenancy in the Leased Premises”. “Notice is further provided that you must vacate the Leased Premises no later than August 1, 2014”. So with the accurate date on there and the law firm they use; “LAW OFFICES OF SCOTT M. CLARK”, at the bottom of the page; i contacted them. Since the front office is obviously ignorant to their job, i talked to Chris which says he is the owners attorney; the owner being ROBERT G. DAVIS, designated broker BR583724000 in the state of Arizona. The lawyer Chris goes on explaing about the process on how he doesn’t want to renew the lease. Ok, but why i am being forced by August? Thats when your lease is up, he said. I informed him that i moved into the complex in January 2014, unless the calendar changed, i recall 12 months in a year, not 8. I went on to tell him on how this is personal discrimination against me from the owner because he refuses to do his due diligence! The lawyer takes my info down and said that someone from the office will call you back and straighten it out. This is where i am at with this. Not only the owner is a slumlord by nature, but needs a reality check that he owns a business as well as property and that i am paying to live in them. This is a statement for myself to release as a formal document. It has the date and time stamp as well as a reputable name to stand beihind it as legitimate, i mean this only works when your truthful. I can, apparently can only say so much, because the fire nor police department will get involved unless its a criminal matter, aka house on fire, not before! Whomever has read this, thank you for your time. If you are the person(s) i am talking about, this is all public information you can get online about you, so there is nothing illegal about it. The pros/cons about the digital world, you are more vunerable than you think! For example, ROBERT lives in Washington St., he doesn’t live here in AZ.

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