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Published: 21 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Road Trip Home is an animal rescue group that saves animals from dying. However be careful if you volunteer to assist them. I did and was screwed over. The only people who I know are paid are the drivers that take the animals to shelters in New York, Massachctes & Maine, where they currently take them. When I was deleted from the driving schedule several times I began to question why. I had complained about the speed of driving which in my opinion was excessive. Driving 1,250 miles at 70 MPH takes approximately 18 hrs. To average 70 MPH, with making stops for gas, 55 MPH speed limits in cities, and various slow downs for construction and weather means a lot of driving at 80 MPH to make it to the last stop let alone the time to unload and get back on the highway. Then be expected to drive approximately 5 hrs. of the return trip on top of it. And with only two drivers who are for the most part older guys on all kind of perscription drugs, is a design for disaster and only a matter of time until it occurs. In addition I was only keeping enough of the money to cover my expenses and giving the rest back to Road Trip. When I figured out I was being screwed over I asked for all monies I had donated to be returned to me which they did. I also was driving around locally picking up and delivering dogs & cats. I fostered two dogs for them and gave them a dog I had paid extensive vet bills for because I took it thinking I was going to keep it but after trying it decided I could not. My point being these people don’t appreciate the work being done or they wouldn’t have treated me the way they did. I was not able to find out why when I asked. The individual doing the driving schedule even came and punched me at my friends business when I had called him a name and he dared me to call him it in person. I did, he did and I punched the jerk back. Had he not stopped I would have tried to beat the hell out of him. On top of all that the person I believe is running the program is a teacher for the Cobb County School system who asked those at the loading time not to talk to her principal because he might find out that she was using a lot of her time doing the dog program when all her time was suppossed to be focused on the kids in her class. That ticked me off and I reported her to the school district giving them copies of the emails about the issue. Just be careful if you assist them as I certainly don’t consider them to be very honorable or trustworthy.

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