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Published: 11 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

In January 2014, I had the unfortunate experience of getting scammed out of money by an agent in the state of Georgia whom I found right here on Trulia! His name is Robert A. Whitfield and he is posing under a number of businesses. If you are considering buying, selling, or renting in certain areas of Georgia, please be mindful. This agent has not sold a home in quite some, was obviously desperate for money, and lied about several things from the very beginning, including his past experience. He is licensed, unfortunately, and was comfortable enough to run a scam thinking he could just get me to go away. I had to file a complaint with the Georgia Real Estate Commission for an investigation. Another individual filed a complaint with the BBB concerning his practices in 2010. Just go to and type in ADVANTAGE HOME BUYER or call them for details about the complaint. Since then, he changed the name of his business in hopes that no one would find out, relying on clickshares for income, hence the reason for the multiple websites. He convinced me to send him funds overnight in order to provide me with property listings (Red flag 1). He never would disclose why he needed the money in such a hurry, but questioned why I was in a hurry to move, although he swore he could find me a place to live in a short period of time. Silly me, I sent money to him that he received the following day and he had his phone set up to display to callers that it was out of service! (Red flag 2). I immediately emailed him asking where the listings were. He wrote back stating he would send them later on, claiming to have experienced some type of “technical glitch”. Of the listings he sent, I qualified for nearly NONE of them and they were also in run-down neighborhoods. Why would I all of a sudden have a desire to move into such a neighborhood if I wasn’t living in one at the time and had not lived in one in the past? He claimed he knew how to negotiate with owners, but did absolutely nothing,..never picking up a phone to contact anyone, send an email, or arrange an in-person meeting. He also refused to meet with me in person just days after sending him money. (Red flag 3) The pathetic little guy created fake client reviews on his own profile (reviews are from the same i.p. address) to make it appear as if he is this sought after expert in the real estate field who knows the ropes. Little did I know that he is the complete opposite. He has several elaborate websites claiming to be a seller of multimillion dollar homes and he doesn’t even live in one himself. I found out he has 0 employees, besides his wife who is UNLICENSED, and they live in a home that is only worth about $78,000 (total assessed value). Far from a million. In the past year, he has sold only 1 home, and that home WAS NOT one of the million dollar homes that he advertises on his sites. An agent who knows what they are doing and is really about business doesn’t need to advertise much about what he or she can do. Their work will speak for itself, AND REAL people will actually leave REAL feedback and REAL reviews. He lists his hobbies and memberships on his sites as if they are somehow relevant or influential to a buyer or seller’s interests. Seriously, how many homebuyers or sellers weed out agents according to their personal hobbies or interests? Do people actually give a damn about whether an agent collects butterflies in their spare time? LoL, typical square. He claims to be from Tampa, but is actually from Clayton County Georgia. He is too embarrassed to include that in the rest of his phony “portfolio” because Clayton County is considered one of the more downtrodden, high-crime areas of Atlanta that has deteriorated over the years. He made up several lies once he realized that he may have been in violation of SEVERAL ETHICAL rules, even claiming at one point that he had been “threatened and harassed”. He trolls this website at all hours of the day (too much time on his hands) just to monitor my activity here and have my posts flagged. He tries his absolute best to offend me by referring to me as a “Section 8” tenant with no “education” who is “violent” and a “liar”. This is as far as his mind goes as he cannot think of anything else to say. His one track mentality explains why he is still lost in another decade and obviously more modern, educated, cultured, and civilized people recognize this. I seriously doubt he is someone you would want to do business with and I would hate to know that someone else was scammed out of money too. He uses these websites to run his scams:,,, .

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