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I’ve been fooled by Robert Allen’s supposedly high rated and highly beneficial books and programs. He’s just a famous piece of crap.
He boasts of his books being the best sellers namely nothing down, creating wealth and the challenge. He’s just a stupid one time seminar expert who presents himself as the founder of the various Robert Allen nothing down clubs around the US.

His advices are terribly wrong and based all on scams. He claims on being the financial advisor, the great financial expert who could get you through nothing down in almost any city. But he is the same person who says that he can’t return the money to his creditors because he’s supposedly bankrupt!!

Evidences in the past have shown that the LA Times accepted his challenge of going anywhere in a nothing down deal. He went to San Francisco that time. In all the seven deals that he accomplished there.. he had lied or scammed the owners in each of the deal to get through it. If that is the case, how are his advices even practical and beneficial to anyone?

American Express.. bank of New York.. Citibank visa.. Bank of America.. the Broadway and 20 other creditors have money to take from this fraud person but now he goes on to say that he is bankrupt. This fake bankruptcy is caused by an avalanche that destroyed an expensive home he and his wife were building. He tries to weave this very professional looking story on me. I clearly remember he said that the avalanche occurred somewhere around February last year but the IRS and the state of Utah had filed against him for non-payment much before that.

Also when I interviewed him I asked him if he had insurance against the land and he agreed to it. He even agreed to making a claim for that. I asked the company paid him or not because that cannot be the case.. if you’re insured you would obviously get the money right!!

For obvious reasons he didn’t have any appropriate answer and said that the deductibles had cost him so much that he went into bankruptcy. What nonsense explanation is that?? No one including me would buy that shit..! Why were they building a mansion in the mountains at the first place when he has so many taxes and money to pay to several creditors??
This asshole boasts of making $20,000 in less than 24 hours in one of his scenes but that actually happens over a long process which is not shown to the public.

He even organizes free workshops sometimes in his name and claims that he would give his advice and personal answers to people at the same but that doesn’t happen. He’s never seen in any of those workshops. I’ve been a fool who paid for one of such workshops but didn’t get to see him. It’s basically just a huge commercial that teaches you nothing and takes great amount of money from you. At the end they’ll just ask you for funds and if you don’t have those, you may just get the fuck off.

It’s a big scam guys..!!! just save your ass and do not pay in any of his offerings.

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