Robert "Bob" Pinterich - DEADBEAT DAD

Robert "Bob" Pinterich - DEADBEAT DAD Review

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Published: 07 July 2019

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I am writing this as a warning to any woman that meets this man and falls for his lies like I did when I met him. I have a 9-year-old daughter with him, and he has only paid maybe $1000 total in child support since she has been born. He did absolutely NOTHING to help with buying things for our daughter before she was born, and when I would call and ask him to contribute with simple things (i.e., crib sheets, bottles, bibs) he would hang up the phone or claim he was “”too busy”” to talk. I have had a case against him since 2001 and he has paid very little of his court-ordered amounts. He has been to jail on THREE seperate occasions just on my case alone; he has two other children out there where the mothers have filed child support claims against him and he doesn’t pay them EITHER. He has claimed in the past to have owned cars, boats,, even bragged to friends about having a large in-ground pool installed!!! But yet, he “”can’t afford”” his child support obligation?!? Need I also mention that one of his children was taken from him by the state on charges of neglect (after I learned of the pregnancy)??? Yeah, you read right. I have constantly tried to call and e-mail him, just to get him to call our daughter and speak with her and he has REFUSED. He is always “”too busy””, and that’s if he answers the phone at all. He has NEVER, in her life, called or written for her birthday, Christmas, or any other holiday. Not once has she been sent a gift from him. She has seen him only once (for about 45 minutes, mind you), and that was only because I took the time and spent the money to drive from Mississippi to Jacksonville for her to finally meet him. I have recently learned of 2 new employers he is with (God bless Yahoo! Search) and urge any woman that may come in contact with him to steer clear of this deadbeat. Every time I have reported him to the authorities he runs from them. I think it’s sad that someone can help create a child but not help with raising them. My daughter cries nearly every night because she doesn’t have her dad with her. And before the men come on here and start defending one of their fellow brethren, let me remind you that I myself am not asking him to pay child support so I can afford to get my hair and nails done; I work, make damn good money, and pay for my own things. I alone take care of my child and I don’t think that it’s fair to our child that I have to be the sole provider when he helped conceive her. It takes two, and I refuse to do this on my own any longer. I also hope that his employers see this and urge him to do the right thing. Also, he claims to still work for North Florida Auto on Beach Blvd. When I contacted the dealership to inform him that our daughter was in the hospital a few months ago, I was put on hold for a couple of minutes. When the salesman picked up the phone again, he stated that Mr. Pinterich “”no longer worked for the company.”” What was REALLY interesting was that when I called a couple of days later (without giving my name) to ask if he was employed with the company, they said that he was and put me right through to his extension!!! I guess the receptionist was new and hadn’t been “”trained”” to screen Mr. Pinterich’s calls for potential “”baby mamas.”” “”Father of the Year”” this “”man”” is NOT. Jennifer Grenada, Mississippi U.S.A.

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