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The Brand Bob Duggan Is A Scam – Cheater In The Name Of Charity And Sympathy

Behind the whole scientology and charity, there is a fake face of Bob or Robert Duggan. His long time success story isn’t even true. With Bob, it has always been the story of “It is too good to be true.” There is something called a lucky streak but this is way beyond that. His story and his beliefs are all a scam. If this thought has crossed your mind, you are correct. He keeps making new deals with companies and no one knows where the money goes. He just keeps donating to charities to keep up a good face which is quite sick.
The trial for his new drug has been shit and the company’s stakes have gone down because of that. He has been feeding shit to people and companies and it is all slowly coming out in the open. He has come a long way till now and is the 395th richest person in the USA. Is it a weird co-incidence that a surfer from Santa Barbara has come such a long way? Has he been crazy lucky? Has his struggle in Pharmacyclics changed his world?
Bob along with his wife Trish has only scammed big companies for Imbruvica and other drugs. He also managed to raise close to $100M from J & J. It only resulted in a bad trial and drop in stocks. That is the kind of success Bob is carving for himself; the one that involves raising money and then acting all goody-good and giving it to charity. How can else his sudden richness be explained? He is also called “Business Magnate.” This is a big joke. There is another interesting twist here.
He funds family members and friends who are interested in the church services. They adopted a bunch of kids and are farming them out on the other side of the world to be raised by a bunch of strangers. They have been using their adopted children for show off and to be in the news and come off as the good people who donate and have adopted children.
This is really sad and makes my heart weep for them. The world, who praises them, needs to know the truth about the evil that hides behind the mask of charity and love. They might be hurt because of the loss of their son but for all you know even that might not be true. I know it sounds harsh but the truth, at times, is harsh. Once the Duggans realised the adopted kids are a burden to their lifestyle and don’t give them joy anymore, they were done playing “parents.” It is sad to see children being exploited like that. Like life hasn’t been cruel to them enough, they are going through so much at a young age.
The Duggans can mask their fraud and scam all they want but it is high time that the whole story will unfold. These kinds of things can’t be hidden for long and especially behind the curtain of charity and fake PR. Bob will go to any length to maintain his status and money. Scamming big companies and neglecting his adopted children are the main aspects to his fraud and pathetic nature. It is nothing new for a con artist like him. Putting up flowery words on the website doesn’t make someone’s heart pure and clean.
If he was actually such a good man, he wouldn’t ship off his kids to South Africa. There are many ways to handle a family, especially after losing a close family member. He doesn’t know the importance of a family and what it takes to keep it together. That is maybe because he is busy extracting money from others to maintain his lifestyle and stature. He is nothing but fake and his wife is in on his scam. I can’t imagine a woman doing such things to her children.
This rag to riches story of a billionaire scientologist is not that tough to comprehend. Using a very personal incident to harp on some sympathy and paying up magazines to write hundreds of article about you is really self-obsessed. Bob Duggan is not real and his so-called love for scientology and the fake passion is not gonna take him any place else other than prison soon. That time is not at all far away!

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