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Published: 15 December 2019

Posted by: Mr. Sanchez

I came in contact with Robert half International after i graduated from university. I didn’t had a lot to do at the time since most of my startup contracts were finished and they gave me a “job” because they saw my resume on different sites and liked what they saw. I did get the job but it was a very rude “interview”. First they questioned my degrees I got, even though they had certified copies in front of them. Since that attack didn’t work at all ( i was starting to get up at this point) they changed tactic. They then went after my resume being “not very orderly” and that “i had to do it over”. I really don’t know what is not orderly or”chaotic” about my resume. here are the titles: Degrees, languages, Work experience, skills. This is pretty obvious. So i asked that horrible beerwench that was interviewing me “what i should have done different” and guess what; she didn’t say what could be changed. So i got up and said that her treatment of potential employees is worse than that of a garbage truck driver and left that wench then and there. A week after that incident i got a call from someone else at Robert Half international for a managers position on a three month contract. It involved restructuring some offices of Robert Half international. What i have learned there really opened my eyes. people doing the interviews and selection are people who aren’t qualified to do this at all. They are unskilled people that have worked in a callcenter picking up phones. rhi gave them a crash course ( very badly done) where the very basic (if that) is being handed out. I was the manager there and i had to constantly smooth ruffled feathers of the applicants and even between employees. In the beginning some of them told ME, their boss, what to do! In the end i had to fire 97% of the staff because they were: 1) incompetent and unwilling to learn new things, 2) extremely rude towards everyone, 3) a lot of women tried to offer sexual favors to not get fired ( common what are you doing here … very unprofessional) to which i fired them on the spot. I could go on and on. Basically i had to clean up the mess some idiotic loser before me made and i did that for 7 of Robert Half’s international offices in just 2 months time. Most of it involved firing the entire lot of idiots working there and hiring new ones. I got out of there as soon as the contract was expired. In 2016 I got actually harassed by a Robert half recruiter calling me every workday for a month! in the end i did pick up and they were asking if i was interested in a “one day job”. I flat out refused and told them my current job paid 10x as much as they ever could after which i blocked said telephone number. Fun fact Robert Half International takes half.. that is right 50% of what you earn. So reader, i know it is a long read but you are now been warned. Stay as far away as possible from Robert Halfs International because they are fraudsters and very unprofessional.

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