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Published: 06 February 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

ROBERT W. BROWER JR and his company MIDWAY LOGISTICS is a SCAM!! This guy solicited me on the phone for a job I posted. We agreed on some particulars and Brower told me he would send his “two best men.” They were supposed to arrive before 9:00AM and they showed up at 2:45 in the afternoon. I went over the entire job with dumb and dumber the “two best” men. Sometime after they started to work, I checked on them to find that they were incorrectly starting to recover one of the soffit boxes when they had to perform another task first or they would have to recover the box twice! The lead guy apologized and said he was a little confused by all the details. What the hell does that mean? They opened up my roof and quickly became concerned that they would not be able to close the roof before dark, taking the chance that if it would rain, it would be a serious problem. I lent them my Makita circular saw, a flat bar, a spot light ( which they broke) and a tape measure. It became painfully clear that these two guys were clearly not qualified to proceed with this job. I figured I would watch them closely to make sure the job would go OK. They were able to get the roof closed with the help of my spotlight. They showed me some “extra work” that had to be done and said that Robert Brower told them to charge me $300 over the formerly agreed price. The lead guy, Cary Schneider said if I gave them $100 cash they would do the extra work and not tell their boss. I overheard them with Robert Brower on the phone telling him I decided not to do the extra work with the thought they were going to squeeze $100 out of me later. They came in my house and gave me a sob story that they needed to get a hotel room so they could come here early in the morning to complete the job and not have to drive all the way to Toms River and then come back. They said they had no money or credit cards for a motel. I reluctently gave them the money for the motel with the promise from them that they would come back first thing in the morning to finish the job. Needless to say, I have not heard from these nit wits again. I am sure they never went to the motel but took my money and ran. I also spoke to Robert W Brower Jr on the phone before they left and he PROMISED over and over they would be back in the morning. He said, “you can trust me, all we have in this world is our good word.” STAY AWAY FROM ROBERT W BROWER JR AND MIDWAY LOGISTICS. HE IS A SMOOOTH TALKING THIEF AND SCAM ARTIST and so are his workers!! The only amusing part is they are all thieves stealing from each other. If Brower thinks it was the first time his two workers attempted to “side job” $100 in cash from me for extra work on this job, he is dreaming. I bet his scum bag help side tracks cash from customers all the time on jobs they are on. After all, his help was VERY QUICK to suggest that they could save me money by not charging me the $300. Robert Brower wanted for the “extra work.” What a den of thieves!! .



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