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Close does not always mean easy, and I learned it the bad way

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Published: 08 December 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Everything is perfect on the outside, the reviews are good, the personnel seems nice, the place is clean and cozy… Nothing set off any alarms on my radar when I first decided to go to this Vet, even his twitter page seemed to really care about pet health!
A few days ago, my dog started to sneeze and cough regularly. I am new to the city, so I asked Siri for Vets in my area and this guy came up. He seemed very nice, +4 rating, cute photos, nice comments and all. He was very close, so I decided to take Chopie (My 3-year-old Schnauzer) for a checkup. Never regretted any decision as much as this one, he was not there and, as weird as it sounds, no one knew when or IF he’d show up that day, but they asked me to wait anyway. Keep in mind, this was on a Monday, I was already there so I decided to wait a few minutes.
I waited there while playing this new game on my phone that got me really caught in it. By the time I realized, 45 minutes had passed, and my dog was not happy. I took her home and decided to try again the next day with a different Vet. But of course, it was not that easy. And I truly wish this was my bad experience, just a waste of my time for showing up at a Vet that does not have any Vets on duty! But no, that is not the end… The next morning, my Chopie got worse, she would start barking and crying every few minutes, she could barely stand in her four legs. It was no joke, I had to take her ASAP. This place was the only one close enough to be a real option for me at that moment so, against my every desire, I decided to take her there again.
I put her in the car and took about 20 minutes to get to the clinic and check her in. Chopie was in pain, at this point, I was desperate. I acted a bit out of place, I admit that my words were not polite, and I apologize. But still, this does not excuse in any possible way, the treatment given by Mr. Woods.
Here begins the horror, he showed up in his white coat with a cup of coffee and a bright smile, “good vibes” I thought. He started making questions even though I had already told everything to the receptionist lady. He took my Chopie to a room and told me I was not allowed to follow, it was weird, but I agreed since, again, I was desperate. 30 minutes went by, I could hear Chopie crying every few minutes, but the receptionist lady insisted I could not go. Then the doctor comes out of the room with blood all over his coat, I’m freaking out. He said something like “She’ll be fine, it was just a scare” and I was able to calm down a little, he said I could take her home as soon as the bill was paid so I paid for it, took my Chopie home and slept the worries away.
It’s just the next morning as I woke up to see my carpet sparkled with blood and my Chopie lying on the floor without moving. Panicking and all, I decided to take her to a big clinic, even if that meant driving farther. The doctor there said that I was lucky she made it alive since a few more hours would’ve killed her, I talked about my experience with the other doctor and he said that this guy didn’t know the first thing about animals and he didn’t know how the place was still running. I’m truly grateful that my dear Chopie was saved by a real doctor and I’ve learned my lesson.
Never will I ever again trust internet reviews with something as important as my precious dog’s health.

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