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Published: 20 July 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

Rock Honda has done nothing but create a horrible life for me. I am particularly unhappy with their business practices. This whole ordeal forced me to file bankruptcy and receive nothing but harassment during the bankruptcy which they weren’t supposed to do. When we initially went to Rock Honda, we went to the Internet/Fleet Department (not sure if there is one), but we went in to see a “used” Mini Cooper for $10,000. They said that I could not obtain good financing and my payments would be too high. Well, they said to my daughter, why don’t we try to see if we can get you in a new 2014 Honda Civic LX. Well, my daughter was like, “Okay.” So they took her to pick it out. We sit down and crunch numbers and they said that they could get me 4.99% and so they submitted my credit to 6 or 7 banks. They went ahead and let us take the car and said they would call. I put $500 down right then. They asked when can I make the next payment on the downpayment to get the deal. It was going to be a total of $2000. I was very uneasy about this. I get a phone call at work from Oly the finance manager, to tell me they could not get me financed at 4.99% and the car would be $2,000 more in price. How is that to happen? Okay, so they continue to tell me that they would need $200 more making the total downpayment $2200. He told me that I would have to come in and sign a “NEW CONTRACT.” They tore up the other one before we got there. Isn’t that illegal? So they say they can get me financed through Honda Financial at 10.99%. Well, that would make my payments at $476./month. That’s not what I wanted for my daughter. They said, “This will help build your daughter’s credit WHEN SHE GETS A JOB, which I made very clear that she was not working and there was no guarantee. I didn’t want to make her a co-signer for what is happening to her now. So I ended up paying $2200 down and now I have no car, I filed bankrupty and they new this would happen. I filed bankruptcy in November 2014 and it was discharged in March 2015. We turned in the car to our attorney and so we voluntarily surrendered the car and I was told that there would be no more repercussions; however, now they are going after my daughter. The attorney was supposed to include her on that part of the bankruptcy. But he said he couldn’t. Well now, they are currently going after my daughter since they auctioned off the car and want her to pay the auction fees, and all the remainder of the car when the dealership created this fiasco in the first place. I believe that Rock Honda does this everyday and have had nothing happen to them yet, but I see several reports of similar incidents online and sometimes worse. So now we filed with the New Motor Vehical Board to complain and request mediation for my daughter as she does not work and is not able to right now. Rock Honda destroys people’s credit and they force you to take the car knowing you won’t be able to keep it. They find victims and they are just really bad. Not to mention that my daughter told me after she went back to the dealership on her own, that a Russian guy or older guy salesperson, came on to her saying, “Hey, you’re trying to buy a new car, sweetheart? Maybe we could go on a date and I could find a way to pay for your car.” What a sleez bag!!! I was outraged, but just wanted to get away from there. They are awful Like piranhas. I was told I should have gone to Loma Linda Spreen Honda, but I just don’t trust these guys. I have worked in car sales, but they were not this bad and they would have not let the car leave if they didn’t think they could finance it. I thought these practices were illegal. Look at Honda and their airbags. They were trying to skirt out of that. Look what their dealerships are doing. Rock Honda gives Honda a bad name. I recommend you go elsewhere or buy a different brand. Not that impressed with Honda for the price the want anyway. Overrated.

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