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Published: 06 March 2019

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My name is Candice and I own Cain Casting & Talent Management in Brookhaven, NY. I have 280 people on my talent roster. You can imagine my surprise and dismay when I learned that Rocket Talent Search was calling several people on my talent roster to solicit them to become clients. NOT COOL. This is considered poaching. I called the number for Rocket Talent Search that one of the concerned parents gave me, and the woman that answered the phone told me that she was “just an appointment setter” and wouldn’t tell me where she received the child’s and parent’s information. This is absolutely frightening. She also told some of these parents that she could “get them on Disney and Nickelodeon.” Absolutely NOT. The only way someone can land a role on Nickelodeon, Disney or any other channel is to audition for it and EARN the role. My clients felt that they were a talent agency, which they certainly are not. It is very disappointing that there are companies like this out there that will prey on parents that just want to help their kids get ahead. .

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