Rocky Fork Ranch Resort

I did not expect their unpleasantness toward me after I signed up for the membership.

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Published: 05 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

I am disappointed by the services at Rock Fork Ranch Resort. They scam people about membership information and ask for high rate membership fees. The campground has empty cans and plastic bottles dumped inside bushes. The low maintained roads are not roadworthy. Their activities are a few and not as they are advertised online. The premises present an image of a junkyard.

Campers at Rocky Fork Ranch Resort are free to behave as they wish. The owners don’t have stricter rules for campers staying at the resort. I won’t go back to that trashy place. It doesn’t pay to visit a resort that doesn’t imply rules to campers.

Rocky Fork Ranch Resort don’t care about clients. The campers who consume alcohol behave inappropriately in the presence of kids and other families. It is rude to accept this type of behavior on a camping ground and to ignore those who respect the presence of others.
Owners of Rocky Fork Ranch Resort are looking for clientele to suck more money out their pockets. They smooth-talk clients to sign up for membership and don’t cancel the membership until the company has collected enough money from the membership fees. A sly but forceful way to get clients to buy a membership at Rocky Fork Ranch Resort.
I am not impressed with the nature of the business at the resort.
The poor quality of services and accommodation are not worth to get into with the (owner) of Rocky Fork Ranch Resort. I noticed they are friendlier when in the process of a business deal at the campgrounds. A horrible experience I had with the resort. Their trick is to get clients to buy the campsite and when your money is in their hands they don’t care for your services.

It is a rip-off with Rocky Fork Ranch Resort to get into high membership fees.
They don’t want to give a customer the best service, they are looking for the client’s money to get into their pockets. Rocky Fork Ranch Resort is a scam. I would not recommend Rocky Fork Ranch Resort to anyone for the lack of respect for clients. All amenities are in terrible condition. It is a shame to recommend this resort to anyone in need of a campground. This company makes broken promises to clients for the stay of free accommodation and backs out of their word. They are liars!

I don’t advise you to book any tours with Rocky Fork Ranch Resort. They are smooth talkers and just want money from their clients. I do not recommend Rocky Fork Ranch on any basis,
I experienced the worst service from the resort they wanted me to invest my money in the campground, but I caught up with their scams.
Everything of the worst is from this company. I realized my mistake and backed out before I had been scammed by Rocky Fork Ranch Resort. This company steals from clients leaving their clients feeling disappointed and with small bank balances.

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