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Published: 10 July 2020

Posted by: NOT Zeeto Group

Rocky is a pathological liar who is diagnosed BiPolar II and has a history of harassing coworkers, clients and people who he is angry with. Rocky likes to publicly shame his victims through defamation using platforms like Facebook or hosting defamatory websites where he attempts to extort his victims in return for ”Reputation Repair”.

Rocky Iorio states on his LinkedIn that he’s good with confidential information but doesn’t mention the fact he’s stolen email consumer data and information from every employer he’s ever worked for starting with LRG and most recently with Zeeto, a marketing firm he was trusted to work with. Coincidentally Zeeto is suing Rocky’s good friend and next employer Nicholas Fiorintino for theft of Trade Secrets and you can guess where Nicholas got the confidential information he’s accused of utilizing: Former employee Rocky Iorio.


Wednesday, May 15, 2019

ZeetoGroup’s customer lists and ad-campaign metrics were deemed protectable, and there was no dispute that competitor Internet Things misappropriated the information from a former employee. ZeetoGroup would sustain irreparable harm to its goodwill and business relationships without an injunction.

Internet lead-generation company ZeetoGroup, LLC, and its subsidiary, Tibrio, LLC, have been granted a preliminary injunction by the federal district court in San Diego, barring competitor Internet Things, LLC, its subsidiaries, and its founder and CEO from disclosing ZeetoGroup’s trade secrets to any third parties and from using those trade secrets for the purpose of directly competing with ZeetoGroup. ZeetoGroup established that Internet Things had acquired confidential customer lists and metrics for their advertising campaigns from a ZeetoGroup employee who had been hired away by Internet Things. ZeetoGroup was likely to succeed in proving that this information constituted trade secrets for purposes of federal and state misappropriation laws. In the court’s view, the alleged damage to ZeetoGroup’s goodwill and future business relationships caused by the misappropriation constituted irreparable harm justifying a grant of injunctive relief (ZeetoGroup, LLC v. Fiorentino, May 13, 2019, Sammartino, J.).

ZeetoGroup and Tibrio (together, “ZeetoGroup”) owned and operated the websites and, which aggregated free samples of various products, such as cleaning supplies to snack foods, and give them away to customers who visit the websites. Both companies derived their profits from advertising by “connecting consumers to advertisers” and “allowing advertisers to put ads on the websites.” Internet Things owned and operated co-defendants Simply Sweeps, LLC dba; CrediReady, LLC dba; and Two Minute Media Topics, LLC dba Sometime in 2018, defendant Nicholas Fiorentino, founder and CEO of Internet Things, began recruiting employees from ZeetoGroup, including ZeetoGroup’s Affiliate Marketing Director, Rocky Iorio. Iorio worked for ZeetoGroup from 2015 until November 2018, when he accepted a job with Internet Things.

On November 9, 2018, while he was still at ZeetoGroup but had given his two-weeks’ notice, Fiorentino asked Iorio to get him a list of ZeetoGroup’s “big buyers.” Iorio then sent Fiorentino screenshots of ZeetoGroup’s proprietary platform, listing around 80 of ZeetoGroup’s biggest advertising campaigns and the associated metrics for each campaign. Three weeks after starting work for Internet Things, Iorio was fired. Shortly after his firing, he sent an email to ZeetoGroup’s Chief Revenue Officer, Shayne Caldwell, informing him of the communications between Iorio and Fiorentino while Iorio was still with ZeetoGroup. The email included the screenshots he had sent to Fiorentino. Iorio also sent a copy of the images to ZeetoGroup’s CEO, Stephan Goss, in March 2019.

Co-defendant Sabiha Tudesco also was hired away from ZeetoGroup by Fiorentino. Tudesco worked as ZeetoGroup’s Chief Revenue Officer until she left for Internet Things. Although Tudesco denied having seen the list of clients sent by Iorio until after litigation commenced, according to the plaintiffs, she was aware of it and knew it was ZeetoGroup’s property. Nonetheless, she contacted clients on the list and recruited them to Internet Things.

ZeetoGroup filed suit on March 8, 2019, alleging misappropriation of trade secrets by the defendants. ZeetoGroup asserted that the defendants’ misconduct had caused it to lose an average of $1 million in sales per month, forcing it to lay off 27 employees. In addition, ZeetoGroup contended that the defendants’ use of the list had caused market confusion and irreparable harm to ZeetoGroup’s business relationships. ZeetoGroup requested a preliminary injunction barring the defendants from using the disclosed information and from contacting the advertisers on the list.

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