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I can’t tell you how irritating it is to hear a narcissist.

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Published: 11 June 2019

Posted by: Audra

I had visited Roderick Garcia’s clinic to get a cosmetic procedure done. I hate every second I spent there. He’s a scammer and a liar. He lies to your face about his experience, about his expertise and his knowledge. He knows nothing at all. He’s an egotistical bastard. He constantly boasts about himself and he doesn’t hesitate in calling names to other dentists. He is a terrible human being too. When I met him, the first question he asked me was, ‘which dentist do you go to, madam?’ I told him about the dentist I go to and he started laughing and said stuff like ‘oh, you poor fool. Madam, you’ve been going to the wrong dentist all this while, you should be coming here.’

He constantly brags about himself and he kept pointing stuff such as ‘your teeth are all crooked up because of that guy’. I wanted to get a consultation from him. I wanted to find out which cosmetic procedure would be best for my teeth. First, he said my teeth so damaged that they were beyond repair. They’ll need to ‘salvaged’. Yes, he said my teeth needed to be ‘salvaged’. He then added that I shouldn’t worry because I was finally in the hands of an expert. He constantly repeated the phrase ‘best dentist out there’ for himself. The guy is so full of himself. That was not all. If he had something to justify his ego with, then it’d be understandable. But he is a stupid old guy who has either forgotten all about dentistry or who doesn’t know anything about this trade. He recommended me to get dental veneers. I thought it was okay. I got those dental veneers. Now, veneering involves adding artificial cases on top of one’s teeth to make them look better. They stick to your teeth through a bonding agent. I thought it was the perfect solution for my weird-looking teeth. Veneers are expensive and they cost me a lot but I wanted to get proper treatment. Also, I had read online that veneers last for a long time if you maintain proper hygiene. So I thought it was the perfect solution to my problem. After Dr. Roderick added those veneers to my teeth, they looked even worse. I can’t explain how weird my teeth were looking. When I pointed it out, he said I’ll get used to this amazing look. But they just looked weird and misshaped. I asked my friends and no one said they looked great. I went to another dentist to get a second opinion on the veneers and there I found out that the veneers weren’t for my teeth. They didn’t match my teeth’s shape and size. That’s why they were looking so weird. So Roderick had added some random cases on my teeth in a procedure for which I had paid him a fortune. I’ll now need to get those cases removed otherwise I’d look like a clown for years.

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