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Published: 28 December 2018

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Owner/President of Advanced Construction and Renovation Inc. (ACR) AKA Kitchen and Home Interiors (KHI), came out for initial free evaluation on suspected water damage to inside of home. Contractor inspected using moisture meter and discovered mold in kitchen behind cabinets. He advised immediately to remediate mold and review homeowner’s Insurance policy. After convincing conversation with Contractor that the homeowner’s Insurance company would be billed the costs and would pay, homeowner signed agreement to start work only as it pertains to enter property, furnish materials, supply all equipment and perform all labor necessary to remediate, preserve and protect property from further damage, and any and all services to bring the property back to its pre-loss condition. At this time, Contractor did not furnish any estimate or quotes to homeowner; nor was there any price agreement on contract. Contractor which presented himself as a contractor is really the Officer (Owner/President) of the company that holds no individual state license but has licensed contractor registered as an officer of Kitchen and Home Interiors, was the only person homeowner was in contact with. He advised his workers to start work on 1st day to tent kitchen area. Workers brought in hepa and dehumidifier machines into tented area and left property. There were no testings what-so-ever done prior to remediation. Almost 2 months later, ACR workers came back out to remediate. Workers did not wear any protective gear, proceeded to cut approx. 8ft x 4ft of wall, left it open, sprayed no solution, left it exposed causing more damage (proof from recent Mold Inspection from Licensed and Certified Mold expert), and added a third machine to home outside of kitchen. Workers were instructed by the Owner/President of ACR to stop work once they believed to have found the true cause of loss of water damage. Mold still exists and per recent testing done, kitchen is highly toxic and has caused cross-contamination to home One month later, Homeowner ultimately hired a Public Adjuster to help with the Insurance claim. At this time, there was still no progress with the remediation. Public Adjuster and his professionals, as well as an Attorney advised homeowner to immediately contact ACR to remove machines as they were in the house for about 3 months and suspected ACR with malicious activity. Per the professionals, the machines were in home an exorbitant amount of time and ACR were using this practice to excessively charge the homeowner and also did not follow protocol of mold remediation or did not follow the standards to protect the home from further harm. Not at any time did any Licensed Mold Remediator come to the home. ACR or KHI, first reaction once called out to pickup machines were immediate threats via email to place lien on home and file suit to foreclose. They did not try to explain the work that was performed or even try speak or work anything out with the homeowner. The only time homeowner received any pricing on the job was finally when it was demanded for the Public adjuster…and then again once they placed the lien. About 2 weeks later Lien was filed and recorded for almost 30k for basically storing their machines in the home for 3 months and work that was incomplete. They are apparently continuing to get away with this and take advantage of the Legal system. There are several complaint against them through reviews and have found similar cases where they have excessively charged clients for work that is not justified or even done dating back to 2003. There first step of working with clients, is threatening them with Legal Action and bullying them into submission. .

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