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Published: 25 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

BEWARE OF THIS COMPANY!!! This Place has no shame. They purposely deceive people. This company only cares about the their sales. It doesn’t matter if they do it fraudulently.They are not compliant with the law. Like everyone else’s review, This is the WORST company to deal with. Overpriced, Rude managers and they are basically and literally THIEVES. On 12/22/14 I purchased some junk prom Romanos. I went there because I know someone who works there. I was just looking for a bracelet to buy for my husband, but unfortunately I was convinced to buy a watch. An Aqua (never heard) Master. The bracelet cost $695. The watch cost $920. They are doing a sale that time an 80% off. So they gave me the watch for $695 and the bracelet for free. My friend who was with me bought the same thing. Big discount right? Nah… The price online for the watch is only $229 at the Aquamaster website compared to their discounted price of $695 with a free junk. That bracelet cost $695, guess how much online… $39. A.M has a return policy of 30 days if not completely satisfied. Romanos however has a NO RETURN POLICY which was not publicly posted as it should be at the register and outside their store. see… I went back to their location in Northridge Mall for them to make it right. or just give my money back. I was surprised by how Nadjiba the Store Manager treated me… She says,” I can’t do anything for you. We have No refund policy.” Then gave me a customer service supposedly number, that number is their in-house financing. Then referred me to a Certain Carlos who is their GM. He was supposed to call me to fix this problem but I never heard from him. I went back again and I spoke to Najiba, and I told her that Carlos never called me, Is there anyway she can help me. She said NO. I asked her to call Carlos for me, she said she CAN’T do that because Carlos is busy and they there is no way to call him. What a B.S. Then I ask her to put everything she said in writing, She said she will not do that. Why? because they are liars. Whatever comes out of their mouth is a lie and they don’t want to admit that. Then i said, ok i will file a report, she goes, “DO WHAT YOU WANT, YOU CAN”T SCARED ME WITH THAT” ( so loud ) Wow!!! what a rude B. I took this company to small claims court, I won the first trial. But of course they file and appeal and they won. This is a different story. The first trial was tried by a real JUDGE… Hon RAY SANTANA which is very fair, He listen to both parties then he decided the case. the company filed an appeal and this time was presided by an acting judge Stephany Yablow (see her profile and review FYI)… The one-sided attorney. ( She literally was biased in favor of the defendant and acted like their lawyer when she was supposed to beimpartial. SMH. this is a different story.… To sum it up. Romanos Jeweler by far is the WORST place to buy jewelry. They grossly misrepresent their stuff, they would have you sign a NO REFUND POLICY written in fine print and they will sway your attention to what are you signing by noticing whatever you have in your body, like.. I like your hair, I like your necklace etc. This company is something else, They once had an F rating by BCA (BBB). Look at their other review online it is disgusting. Karma will hit this company and whoever works here. Now they have a felony case because of Identity theft with our man in uniform. See, if they can do that on the people on service, what more to the regular people like me? THis place deserve no stars. I will be ashame to work here.

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