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Published: 24 January 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Ron Tonkin Toyota Fraud/ Misrepresentation Report/ Taking advantage of a woman I’m reporting Ron Tonkin Toyota Fraud/ misrepresentation / and taking advantage of a woman to you and I hope there is someone in this country to respond to this kind fraud and don’t let them to do these kind hardships to me other vulnerable people anymore. I’m asking your help, so if you can please help me up in this matter. On May 18, 2014 I purchased a new Toyota Prius from Ron Tonkin of Portland. I had this car for a total of 5 months. I returned to Tonkin dealership to explore my options of returning this car for a different model which would be cheaper car for a used model which would lower my monthly payment. I also, mentioned to the salesman that the back window vision wasn’t good enough. I was given several options, so many different figures that I truly became confused. The salesman tried to sell me a new car which is not what I came for! I asked him about used cars and he told me at the moment they don’t have used one but those two options he shows me they are on sale and it would be almost the used one price. The salesman explained to me about the lease option plan which was not what I really desired. Again I was pressured by this salesman. He then asked me to purchase a new car saying that my income was $3500 a month and I told him that is only it is 1200 a month. My language barrier was concern at this time too. I was placed into a leased Toyota corolla. This was not really what I desired. The next day I talked about the situation I was in, and that I was not happy, and I wanted my Prius returned to me. I explained I felt pressured into this deal. I was told they can’t do anything. Then I went to the dealership to speak to the manager. The finance manager told me they can’t do anything and then when he saw my insistence he called sales manager. The sales manager told me I can’t get my car back unless I pay $4500. I told him why do I have to pay $4500. I signed the contract under your sales person pressure while I wasn’t ready to make a decision, and I was telling him I’m not ready to make a decision. Then he called the general sales manager. I talked to the general sales manager and he told I had to pay $4000 to return back my car. Then when I told him from the beginning I didn’t understand their explanations, and I was asking for a clear explanation from them, they did not give me one. I’ve been disrespected, humiliated, and totally confused over this treatment. He told me that “you know if I go to Iran and buy a car I definitely would take an interpreter, and that they don’t have interpreter for Persian people, and that they have a high population of Hispanic people, and there required to have an interpreter for them, and you’re not Mexican. Indeed he made me out to be a stupid person, who needs to bring an interpreter along with me. Then he ask me to shake his hand and when he saw that I refused to shake his hand he dearly told me that I should leave there right now. I could not control myself and my tears fall all over my face and I started crying. My friend and sales person came to me, and they told they are sorry about that. My final option was to talk with the general manager so then I talked to the general mange, and he told me not only can’t I get back my Prius but I have to purchase or lease another new Prius or Corolla. Again, I talked to general manager he told if I want to return back my Prius I have to pay $4700 on top of the price of the car. This was the options he gave me. I was so confused, and frustrated, I’ve lost a lot of money. I contacted with the Oregon State Bar and they recommend to me a lawyer. All I want is to be treated fairly, not gouged financially into purchasing a new car or leasing. This would cause a hardship for me. I’m stressed out and it costs me my health. I got panic attack on November 6th that required 911 to visit my house, asking to take me to the ER. I can’t stand this situation anymore, and I’m asking for help from you. I await any assistance you can give me in this matter. This is not the first time they do this matter to someone. If you google the Rip-off Ron Tonkin KIA Fraud, Gladstone, Oregon, you can see the other peoples cases. The only thing people could do is they write and most of the time they walk away because they think nobody can help them or they prefer just walk away and don’t deal with the situation anymore. But how long should this deanships continue their fraud? Taking advantage of people with confidence nobody would speak out against them because they think that they are so more superior to people like me, that we can’t do something about it. Don’t you think it’s time these people should get punished, and take responsibility for their actions that they put me and other people through?? .

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