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I would recommend not to go to this doctor unless you want to get hurt and waste your precious time.

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Published: 06 August 2019

Posted by: Anonymously

Recently, I fell off my bike and broke the downside portion of my two upper front teeth. Aside from the embarrassment, there was a pain too. I could not look at myself in the mirror. I had always been proud of my perfectly shaped teeth as it was one of my most prominent features. After researching for almost a week about what is the best procedure I could undergo, I found out about teeth bonding form a friend. I could not have been happier after learning that there was a way to get my chipped teeth fixed. I started looking for prolific doctors as I wanted the best dentist to do the bonding. It took me some time to find out about Ron Wilson. I went through his website and decided to get an appointment as soon as possible.
I scheduled an appointment and went to his clinic only to be told by his assistant to come back the next day as the doctor was not in that day. This was the first sign of unprofessionalism. I went in the next day and I had to wait for almost an hour before the doctor came to the clinic. I was called in after a few minutes. I told him about the accident and he could not have been less bothered. All he did was a nod. On asking about the procedure, he told how it is too easy for him and assured me not to worry. He told me that I would have to undergo the procedure that day only as he was going to be busy for the next two weeks. Hesitantly, I agreed. He started preparing for the procedure.
He used anesthesia and told me to stay as still as possible. I requested him to lower the AC’s temperature but he said it was too hot to do so. I could not help but shiver on which he called his assistant to hold me still.
The next thing he did was roughen then the surface of my teeth using a machine on which there was rusting. Then he took a kind of a liquid and instead of applying it on my teeth, he applied it on my gums. He realized his mistake and started giggling. He then applied a putty-like resin to fill up the chipped-off area. It was molded. Then he took out an electronic instrument which emitted light and pointed it at the chipped area. It hardened the material but it took some time to do so.
While trimming the hardened putty, his hand slipped and he disfigured the shaped material. I had to go through the entire procedure again just because of the doctor’s lack of concentration or probably lack of skill. After doing it properly this time, he polished my teeth and while doing so, hurt me, again. His instrument scratched my gum and blood started coming out.
Sitting there for more than 3 hours, all I could think about was how I could have chosen any other dentist other than him. More than losing my teeth’s portion, I regretted going to Ron Wilson for treatment.

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