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Published: 20 May 2018

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RONALD SMITH MISREPERSENTED BEING A PROMOTER, SCAMMING AND SWINDLING MONEY OUT OF PROMOTER/INVESTOR. Ronald Smith and I had several conversations in regards to my interest in promoting venues for reggae concerts in Portland. I inquired about steps how to make this happen, that’s when Ronald smith proclaimed he was the oldest DJ and experienced promoter in Portland. I get a text message from Ronald on Feb 24th that he has some information he wanted to run pass me, which turned out be a business proposition, he said he was trying to secure a few shows, he said he’s related to Konshen, a Jamaican artist, he claimed he can get Konshens here to Portland. What he would need from me was the financial backing in this business partnership. I asked Ronald Smith to keep me updated on venue and a date, in which we aimed for a weekend in July, Ronald claimed he was communicating with someone by the name of Twizzo/Twiggy, telling me that they were working out the date and mentioning that another promoter out of Seattle wants the same date and that it was mentioned that his longtime friend Regis was trying to book Konshens as well. As we all know, Regis also has reports of swindling promoters and investors out of a lot of money, coincidence or what! Feb 25th Ronald Sent screen shot from conversations with Twizzo / Twiggy talking about how they go way back and that Twizzo ‘s holding the date in July for us and that he needed to receive the money by noon Feb 26th or he will need to give it to someone else. Feb 27th screen shot of Twizzo saying he got the money and would be sending an email out. March 4th Ronald claimed he was still waiting on the contract that was mailed out along with songs, photo and sound bites. March 19th Ronald texted saying it was urgent. Needing more money for video drop and press release saying he’s been working hard at it and stated to me Konshens was leaving on Monday to Europe. Once again, Ronald Smith claimed he has everything handled, thousands of dollars later it appears, the only thing he had handled was my money. Now by this time I still haven’t seen this contract via email nor mail, I never seen proof of contract, receipt from Konshens manager, material that Ronald stated we needed money for. Read on, it get real good! March 31st asked for a loan said he was short on his mortgage and needs $400 I said if I loan that money I need it back quickly, Ronald said he would pay that following week, I explained it was a loan I took out from my bank that charges of $40 every two weeks and would be added until its paid. Ronald agreed to pay. By the next week Ronald didn’t have the money, stating he was asking friend/family to help him so he can pay this short term loan off. April 18th Ronald said he will be flying out to Europe to meet with Konshen in a couple weeks and that we have a date for late August. I began to question Ronald to why August and not July since there was this urgency to get the money back in Feb 25th for a July show, Ronald claimed they got over excited in booking the shows. but for sure we have the 3rd week of August, I ask Ronald how was it possible to travel to Europe since he has money issues and hasn’t been able to pay me the loan back. His reply on this was: he would have money by then because his dad was handing over his estate which is worth 38 million pounds, saying he’s the first prince to his throne. Went on to say he will be in charge of the Blood Diamond area in his country and that he came here because his family we’re sent on asylum. Once I pressed about the contract, Ronald claimed he hadn’t received it. However at one point he claimed to received one via email. when I asked for all email conversations, telephone numbers of this person to be forwarded to me, Ronald mysteriously can’t find even 1 of many emails, I asked why would he go through someone else to book Konshen when he claim he is related to Konshen, he said he doesn’t work like that. Then his games became more outlandish when I said I want my money back, I got hundreds excuses of why I got stood up, here is just a few. .

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