Roosevelt Self Storage

Dirty, overpriced and trashy!!

Roosevelt Self Storage is a horrible place which I wouldn’t advise anyone to use. They don’t keep the storage clean and you end up paying a lot for low-quality service. I regret availing their services in the first place and I don’t think anyone else should use them. First, they are one of the costliest storage providers in the area. As they are so pricey, they must be of high-quality too right? Well, they aren’t. in fact, a lot of low-level storage providers would be better than these guys. I wouldn’t trust these guys with my things. Moreover, the staff isn’t reliable. They don’t let you access your things most of the time. There’s a small window of a few hours in which, you are allowed to access the lockers.

When I asked them why they had kept such a short window for accessing the lockers, they told me it was because of some security issues. I didn’t mind that. But I got really mad when I saw a few rats running in the area. I asked them about the rodents and according to them, there weren’t any. The packaging and moving was normal. It wasn’t surprising in any sense. But the main issue was of cleanliness. I had to keep my stuff in that storage for a week. And when I came back to take my stuff back, I was greeted by the horrible smell of a dead rat. A rat had died in my storage unit. It had chewed through different boxes damaged a lot of my things. I complained about it obviously. The smell of a dead rat is really hard to remove and forget. And when your stuff has been with that dead thing for a few days, it gets really irritating. So I complained but according to them, they couldn’t do anything about it. They were saying that they didn’t even know if there were any rats on the premises. And that’s it. They didn’t apologize for the damage done to my things. The horrendous smell, those chewed up clothes and files and the dreading experience of finding the dead rat, it was just too much for me to cope with. I demanded some compensation from these people for the horrible experience. They didn’t even accept their fault and so they didn’t bother to acknowledge my complaint. I was infuriated. They told me that they weren’t responsible for the damage done to my things and so they can’t issue a refund. And they didn’t. This ordeal went on for some weeks but they didn’t issue any refund. I’m not going to avail these guys’ services anymore. These guys are irresponsible, irritating and careless. They don’t care about their customers and don’t keep the premises clean. They take no responsibility for any damage done to your stuff in their lockers. I’d advise you to stay away from Roosevelt’s self-storage. The market has plenty of other good options. Avoid this place and try them out.

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