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Published: 06 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I have a newborn baby with the most horrible mother in the land! This woman Michelle O’Neill pulled on of the most used stunts in the history of family law. I spent thousands of dollars, before and after the pregnancy on her, her lies, and her cons to use me to have a baby and use it as a pawn. Below you will see the true manipulation of Ms. O’Neill and how she not only lied to the court, she also admitted to doing so via text message to one of my friends. This girl first claimed that her city Huntington Beach was racist and she was scared for the babies life there, then after she need to use the system for her lie she immediately went to Facebook and changed her whole life to fit back in. This woman is very shady and has done shady stuff to others and myself her whole life including Bob Marley’s son Kymani Marley. When I first met her she was living in a studio apartment of Lionel Richie’s decorator claiming the home was hers. Turned out to be a sales tactic when she wanted to move to the beach with me and not pay for anything. This crazy lady used me for months and will do this again if someone else lets her. Michelle aka Shelly will lie, cheat, and cry wolf all day until she gets what she wants. So many times she would tell me lies about herself and her situation and I would later find out it was just that “a lie”. I went to court with her for which was suppose to just be a small situation that came out to be her being on probation until 2015!!! Skipping along, she hired behind my back this shady Doula for $3500 that she didn’t have the money for. Then when I declined it she quickly went on a warpath by, not giving me any parental rights, threatening to replace me as his father etc. Then when I finally had enough and decided to just co parent she continued her rant and took the baby and ran to Malibu knowing that would upset me. And when I threatened her she filed a restraining order claiming she was scared for her life. Knowing she only did this to get even which is shown in the text below. I have tried everything to get this crazy lady to let me see my child but she promotes herself as this great person on Facebook. She lied to all the monitors, told them I had a restraining order because I was (51/50) just to make herself look good and lied to the judge just so she could have her way. Here is how it has gone with this horrible excuse for a mother.

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