Rory Gildea

Visit the accountant Rory Gildea from Gildea & Ivanis if you are looking to get screwed!

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Published: 30 July 2017

Posted by: Stacey R. Pond

So I recently visit the offices of Gildea & Ivanis for a case of mine! They were recommended all over the web as the best accountancy firm in New York and I went ahead due to sheer practicality and reason because of all the amazing testimonials and feedbacks online. More fool me!
My experience with the firm was absolutely terrible and it could not have gone any worse than it did. My case was handled by a man named Rory Gildea. He collected his fee and went ahead to incorrectly file a 1-2 page document. He point-blank refused when I asked him to follow it up with the IRS and had some nerve to suggest that I do it myself. What did I hire him for? Sit on his ass after getting paid?
He filed the wrong form and I had to return to the offices to sign another one which he was extremely slow in preparing. He kept giving me lame excuses and dragged on this form filling process for over 2 fucking months!
Really bad experience with Gildea & Ivanis! You can visit them if you’re looking for a slow, incompetent and half-assed job! I personally would not recommend them to anyone!

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