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Published: 16 December 2017

Posted by: Anonymously

This is the first time in my life that I am embarrassed about where I live, even though I pay high rent. Roscoe Properties is a predatory leasing agent that writes their own 5 star reviews. There are scam and rip-off reports about them dating back to at least 2008. All of the properties they manage have a high percentage of unhappy tenants and this can be easily verified via Google. Roscoe Properties is “remodeling” Timber Creek Apartments. To them, this seems to mean painting over rotted wood. They have not done any meaningful improvements to the property, such as replacing dangerous aluminum wiring or cleaning air ducts in the ventilation system that have probably never been cleaned before. We wake up every morning with respiratory problems from the mold and dust being blown from the air conditioner. Our electric bill is high from aluminum wiring, which is known to waste electricity, even though they received credits from the City of Austin for a “green” program to save energy. Our plug receptacles and light receptacles make crackling noises and the lights in the closets spark, but the aluminum wiring is grandfathered by city code, so they don’t have to fix it even though it is a dangerous fire hazard and they are profiting from the property. Rosco Properties is the underbelly of property managers. They are abusive slumlords who take from both sides, the property owners that hire them, and the renters that rent from them. They never finish any “improvements” they do on the property. Anyone decent or moral who works for them ends up quitting and giving them a bad rating. See Glassdoor for employee reviews. I also agree with the other reviews on this review site and the other review sites that talk about people peeing in the hallways, people throwing up in the pool and the noise, the theft and all of the other stuff that goes on here. Often there is no water all day, or no hot water all day. They tow cars that are authorized to be in the parking lot. And the dogs. Roscoe Properties caters to renters that no one else wants- like the kind of people who have dogs that do not keep them on leashes, or train them not to be aggressive or clean up after them. There is one person here who lives here with 2 Great Danes in a small apartment, as if that is how people or Great Danes are supposed to live. Gross. And, of course there are your typical pit bulls and German Shepherds that are not restrained by leashes or any sort of training that any responsible dog owner would do with their dog. If you go outside or to the mailbox, you just have to hope for the best and try to avoid them, or stepping on the big pile of poop they left behind. I hate it here and cannot wait until my lease is up. I hope the owner of Roscoe Properties crawls back into whatever hole he came out of. He is a bottom feeding jerk. Jason Berkowitz, the owner of Roscoe Properties, trains his employees to be his minions. If there is any doubt about that, here is a review copied from from Indeed: Working at Roscoe was an interesting experience. Their classroom setting for training is quite good in comparison to other companies I have worked for, however, it’s a constant battle with anxiety wondering who is going to get fired next. The fire vs. hire ratio is very high, so it’s an accomplishment if you can make it past your 90 days without any written warnings or over all getting fired. They are very harsh about small things and you will get written up for miniscule reasons or simply get fired on the spot. There are a very small hand full of employees that have been there longer than 6 months, and an even smaller count for anyone that has made it past the 1 year mark. They go through employees faster than a speeding bullet. The office I had the opportunity to work at was a great environment, very fast paced and very diverse. Unfortunately Roscoe Properties micro manages every last employee and doesn’t give you the freedom to grow and develop as a professional individual. Instead, you will find yourself being molded into their “perfect” employee (in a perfect world, that is if you don’t quit or get fired first). I appreciate their high expectations when hiring a new employee, but I think they definitely how more ground to grow in the professional “boss to employee” level instead of terrorizing their employees by cutting the rope so soon. There is always room for improvement and growth. Over all, I learned a lot but it felt as playing a game of survival, and it’s really hard to make the cut.

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