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They will only fool you

It is so easy for people to fool when they want to invest their money not only to keep it safe but also to increase its value by manyfolds. Though not everyone can be fooled, but if you go by the sales pitch and advertising of Rosland Capital, you may be fooled, big time. I wanted to invest my last year’s bonus into something valuable. I have quite a diversified portfolio with stocks, bonds, real estate. But I had not invested in precious metals for a long time. They were on a peak in 2011, but have been on a decline or a stable state since then. But I guess it is that euphoria of 2011 that Rosland Capital is still selling. The value of gold back then was $1900 per ounce. And anyone who sold their gold at that time had literally hit gold. But then, after the peak,there has been a decline and selling it may not have been so profitable for many. But I got a feeling that Rosland Capital was still trying to have people believe that it was. I decided to try investing in hold once again. I contacted Rosland Capital and I identified their sales pitch immediately. It was all centered around 2011 and it was quite polite initially, but the pressure showed as the call progressed. The problem was not the sales pitch. You can’t run a business without making a sale. The problem were the charges they were quoting. I did not let him know about my knowledge about the subject. And it worked. He quoted me buying values of the gold coins that were nearly 30% more than the market value. That was it for me. I had had enough. I just called him out and called the whole thing off.

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