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Published: 21 February 2018

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The mistress of Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller, boasted about her lurid affair with a “man in politics” just a few months after he came to power, it emerged today. Revelations about the 31-year-old, whose name we are keeping private in exchange for this interview, had a relationship with the handsome Democrat, who turned 38 this year, emerged as she remained in hiding. It has now been about a week since the usually outgoing young lady has disappeared from public view. It is thought that her love rival, Lesley Miller, the Nevada Secretary of State’s wife, meanwhile remains unaware about Secretary Miller’s cheating scandal. Despite Mr.Miller’s insistence to his staff that the scandal is a “private matter” which should be kept “secret”, his mistress has been photographed and published in more than a handful of well-known fashion magazines. In one of the publications she is quoted as telling a friend “more than a year ago” that she has found a “nice-looking man, very different from earlier boyfriends, who is in politics.” This raises the prospect that Secretary Miller, who is attempting to run for the Nevada State Attorney General’s Office, started the affair within a few months of being sworn in as Secretary of State. He is not eligible to run for a third term for Secretary due to term limits. We are warning you now, this paragraph is a bit graphic; so do not read this if you are of a sensitive nature. “I used to travel with him on official business, often taking a different flight to enhance the secrecy,” his mistress reported. “Believe me,” she insisted, “the affair was full aflame. Okay, let me tell you this, I’m now speaking to Mrs. Miller when I say this because only she, and whoever else he did this with, would know. Rossy” (a name she calls him) “has a small mole near his groin area. When he is reaching the moment of truth he makes this very distinct ‘oh, oh, oh’ sound that I have never heard another man make.” “There is no worse sickness than indifference,” she said shaking her head. She suggested that Mr. Miller likes to make a name for himself politically, by filing trumped up charges against innocent people, to use in his next campaign. She also made it clear that Mr. Miller had been distracted with his relationship with her for quite some time. The affair would continue when she would sneak off in her car to meet up with him for trysts in local hotel rooms. Miller would “wear a baseball hat pulled down to just above his eyebrows and would wear a high-collared shirt covering his chin,” she reported. Ross James Miller, born in Las Vegas, Nevada, is the son of former Nevada Governor from 1989 to 1999, Bob Miller. “I know this coming out now is going to hurt his run for Nevada Attorney General, but I just couldn’t keep it in any longer,” she said as a tear ran slowly down her cheek. In words that may be considered extremely cruel by both women, Mr. Miller even confided in a friend that if he was eventually elected governor, one of his ultimate goals, that his spouse at the time would have “no official status.” He was committed to keeping the costs down by whoever was confirmed as Nevada’s first lady. .

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