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Published: 27 November 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

Routhmeir Sterling inc. company calls you and asks about your personal information, your address, your working place, your accounts and your bank information too and will call you again and again if you will refuse to give them. And at that time you won’t able to get who they are and what is there real motive they ask you in such a way that they are going to help you by giving loan but when you will research about them they are debt collecting company.

I was under a debt after finishing off my college. I was eager to pay it as soon as possible. Once I got a call from routhmeir sterling inc. at that time they didn’t told me that they are debt collectors and said they could help me in paying my debt by giving me a loan and asked for my information regarding my address my working place my social accounts and bank accounts. Their approach was very sweet and friendly and the representative was talking so professionally, I didn’t wanted to give them information without researching on them so I told them that I am little bit busy and call them later after few hours may be after two hours only they called me back and again started asking about it. I refused to tell them and they started getting rude with me I just cut the call and researched about them. They called me again and again I just put their calls on block they started messaging me and when I ignored it all they called me at my work place and asked about my personal information from my HR. Thanks to our office policy no personal information is given to outsider of the person working in the company until it’s a legal matter. My HR acknowledged me about this call I called them back and requested them to stop calling and messaging me again and again they started arguing with me and told me that will take me to court and started threatening me that it will not be good for me if I don’t pick their calls. I just blocked them again and ask my office administration to never pick their calls again. I was so scared and was feeling so insulted due to such harassing and rude behavior.
I want to beware all you guys that whenever they call you just put them to block. Don’t reply to their messages and calls and don’t give them your personal information at all. At the time they will call you will talk to you very politely and sweetly and will ask you that they will resolve your debt problem and their representative has a great tact of making a person fool with his sweet talks and professional skills but once you will be caught they will start getting aggressive to you and will start talking in rude way and will call you again and again and won’t see whether its day or night. They will start threatening you and harassing you. And can contact your working place or near ones. Please don’t get caught in there trap as they don’t have any legal rights to harass you or threaten you in such a way. I talked to my friends about it and none of them was aware of them and asked me to complaint so people could know how they treat people.
I just don’t get it why you people do all this things. Don’t you have any moral values who gave you right to harass a person and threaten them so badly? Don’t you get it if one person is not picking your call that means they don’t want to talk to you or are not interested in taking your calls or might be busy somewhere? No one gave you right to stalk a person till there office and ask about their personal information from them. It’s just a debt I had taken and will pay it by the time you are no one to harass me or anyone else on the basis of it. I don’t get it what sort of work you are doing by making people scared. And on what basis you will take me to court that I am not picking your insane calls I am paying my debt as soon as possible and you don’t have any legal right to threaten me on its basis. I just wish that a strict action is taken against your company so that you know how it feels threatening a person and saying them to take them to court without any fault
I will just say everyone beware! Of them and their fraud calls and block them as soon as possible without even thinking for a while.

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