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Published: 20 November 2018

Posted by: Jack

Do you want to trust an Asset Management Agency for your debt management? If your answer is yes, then you should strictly avoid the company named Routhmeir Sterling Inc. This company does not remain committed to increased customer satisfaction and has not improved till date, Routhmeir Sterling has not made any efforts to resolve all complaint reported. Based on our experience, the member business has proven to be among the worst members of the industry. Routhmeir Sterling is also a very small company as they employ about eight people at a maximum capacity.

Routhmeir Sterling, Inc. is a debt collection agency with a presence in Wylie, Texas and Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was established in 1999 and is managed by Todd Cory said to be an experienced person in this area. Records on file at the PACER (Public Access to Court Electronic Records) website confirmed that consumers who believed they were being harassed by Routhmeir Sterling, Inc. have used the courts to fight back.
From a reference from PACER, one May Ann Benell a resident of Iowa receive calls from Routhmeir Sterling Inc. at her work on the first week March 2010. She informed the caller that she is unable to answer such calls at her workplace. But they kept calling her on an on causing to disdain the work culture of her office. She later on, launched a complaint against them. It’s even more embarrassing for her when she found that the company had even called her friends and colleagues including the HR manager to ask her about paying off the debts. The episode turned into a nightmare when the lady was again called and when she asked to offer her the bill, the aggressive caller threatened her by saying that she’ll be dragged to the court if she fails to pay off.

Over time, Routhmeir Sterling has not managed to remain engaged and has not improved the way they address customer service complaint. Customers are not happy with Routhmeir Sterling’s false claims of being committed to improving customer satisfaction and business practices over the years. Routhmeir Sterling Inc\’s chief, Mr. Todd Cory, has clarified that his vision is his client’s successes which he thinks to be the heart of the business. But it is evident that, as a businessman, Mr. Cory does not feel that it is critical to listen and respond properly. So we can say that Routhmeir Sterling Inc. is one of the worst agencies. Routhmeir Sterling does not strive to make debt repayments simple either. Their policy is to never contact any customers to gather valuable feedback so that they can adapt and deliver the best customer service possible. Routhmeir Sterling Inc is not willing to go beyond the call of customer service and do what it takes to make things right with their customers. It means that every complaint will not be taken seriously and every customer will not be treated fairly and with respect. For example, if a customer did not receive what they expected, then the company will not even work with that customer to fix the issue. It means that if a customer requests a refund and even if there is any reasonable basis for that request, the customer will not be given a prompt refund, as desired by that customer.

Routhmeir Sterling is one of the worst Asset Management Agencies in the industry. With Routhmeir Sterling Inc., you’ll never receive a customized approach from a team who consistently takes your needs for granted. Please do not visit their website as they do not meet the people who will manage the customer’s account and they do not receive any answers to their questions. There is no dedication in their services. The company does not recognize the fact that the complaint posted are issues that need to be addressed and not be ignored. They do not realize that, avoiding the complaint are actually driving them away from the better business opportunities. Indiscipline is one of the greatest issues of the company for which they lack organizational skills and fail to maintain an excellent client-relationship.

So far, if you follow the complaint, the company is not devoted to solving past credit issues and it does not make any settlement provisions or payment strategies. This is the exact thing that they have done with my brother who is running a business and hired them for a debt management service. They do not even respond when they are contacted by their customers. Simply put, they are an irresponsible organization who does not care about their customers. Routhmeir Sterling Inc. has created thousands of difficult situations for customers over the years with their inefficiency and will continue to do that for all in the future as well.
The service provider does not even listen to client concerns and does not see them as an opportunity to learn from their past mistakes and become more efficient as a company in the services offered and the support for those services. This shows their lack of sincerity and lack of desire to improve as a company. Their services are awful. So it is evident that Routhmeir Sterling has many disadvantages over the counterparts of its industry. The service provider does not assist its consumers or help them to readjust their current budget which would have allowed themselves to repay past due debt in and out of statute to repair their credit.
There are many customers who have expressed their dissatisfaction towards Routhmeir Sterling in the past and I believe you should also be cautioned about this company. The company does not communicate all aspects of their service in a timely and effective manner to their customers. They are not serious at all about meeting their commitments and they never deliver on their promises. I’d definitely not recommend Routhmeir Sterling to anyone ever. This company should be strictly avoided by everyone. Do not waste your hard earned money and your precious time on companies like Routhmeir Sterling Inc.

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