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Published: 25 December 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

I am not sure which property you owned so I do not know the particulars on, so I can only answer this with our procedures. If our owners include us in the mailings of the HOA violations then on the first one we receive we contact the tenant and request that they take care of the violation and send us pictures so that we can then send an answer to the HOA that the violation has been cleared. If we receive a second notice we inform the tenant that we are sending our own team to clear the violation and they will be responsible for the cost. If the violation ever ends up with a fine that fine is charged to the tenant to reimburse the owner for the cost. When a tenant is late on their rent, we serve them a 5-day notice to pay or quit. The very next business day we send an email to our owners that we have served the tenant and what the next step is. If a tenant vacates the property we do a move out inspection and charge the tenant for any damages or repairs that are not considered normal wear and tear by law. If the tenant has broken their lease we also charge the tenant for the remaining months rent of that term. After 10 days of the notification sent to the tenant if they have not made arrangements to reimburse the owner then we put them into collections through our collection company. We have never and never will take the security deposit as it is designed to be used to reimburse owners for repairs or refunded to the tenant if property left in good condition.

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