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Published: 11 June 2018

Posted by: Anonymously

RoyalHeir Entertainment & Brian Collins aka Essince is a Thief & Royal SCAM! Brian Collins aka ‘Essince’ is CON MAN & THIEF who stole money from us for ‘promotion’ & got NOTHING! He sells himself as a ‘longtime veteran’ of the industry, claiming affiliations with companies like Interscpe, Bad Boy, XXL & Def Jam and these are ALL false, we contacted Human Resources & Top level execs at these companies & they said he is a LIAR & FRAUD & has NEVER worked for their companies. He took hard earned money from us and promised us ‘major marketing & expertise’, & that he was an ‘author’ and ‘industry expert’. Turns out he’s a nothing he purports! He’s an almost 40 year old ‘wanna be rapper’ living at home with his mom, with NO major credits (a bunch of no-name ‘rappers’ that no one knows or hasn’t sold anything in the industry!), no office, no staff & his so-called ‘book’ has NEVER been printed or sold one copy! He delivered NOTHING for our money excepts a few basic ‘tweets’ that we could have done ourselves and a ‘write up’ in a blog, that we later found out was really HIM masquerading under another ‘name’! So he tricked us, took our hard earned money, lied to us, scammed us & then we find out he’s a ‘rapper’ competing with us for exposure – & a horrible ‘rapper’ at that, probably the worst I’ve ever heard! Beware of this scam artist! He lies, cheats, manipulates the truth & is a true Con Man! Royal Heir is a ROYAL SCAM! Essince my a*s, he’s the EPITOME of a lying con man & thief to these no name ‘rappers’, models & artists! REPORT THIS THIEF! STAY AWAY & SPREAD THE WORD! .

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