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Published: 13 October 2018

Posted by: Martin-Bardin

1. The contract states that we are married and the marital status is written in spanish as “casado.” the entire first page of the contract is in english except for the marital status. Why is that? Because it is deceptive. They knew we were not married. Legal contract with misinformation. This should void the legal contract without any argument from either party. 2. The two “certificates” we were told were part of our package, and one of the reasons we bought into the time share are not part of the time share we bought into. Per diana (Our horrible rep) these are not part of the legal packet, but essentially gifts from royal holiday. They actually have one of them that we signed with white out on the fee page and someone wrote over the white out! We were told that one of the certificates is free and the other was a fee of $1, 200. When we went through our packet one certificate has the white out of the fee so we assume that is the free one and the other has a charge of $1, 320 not $1, 200! Again, another lie! 3. We were told that they had 24 hour/365 day customer service available by phone. This is untrue. When we called we figured that out. 4. We were told that transportation from the airport to the hotel/resort was a member benefit. “how nice would it be to get off the airplane and have someone holding a sign with “mr. Bardin” on it and they take you straight to your resort?” this is untrue. The transportation is not a member benefit. 5. We were told all inclusive fees were $40-$60 depending on the season. It would be $40 for the non prime time and $60 for the prime time. This is untrue. The all inclusive fees are $59 for adults. 6. The fine print of the contract explains that if they overbook the resort you have chosen they have the right to move you to a hotel of their choice. This was never explained to us in the 3 hour long meeting we had with royal holiday. 7. We were told how great their customer service team is with members. This is untrue. I called on a tuesday morning and each time I was on hold for nearly 10 minutes. The first call then disconnected me once I started to talk. The next call a rep came on the line and said he would leave a message for a supervisor to call me back within the hour, 48 hours later I still had not received a return call. I called back and the same thing happened. On hold, then disconnected, not once, but twice and then I got to talk to our horrible rep (Diana) and tried to cancel our time share. She threatened that they would send us to collections.

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