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Published: 19 July 2019

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They were supposed to come and replace my LG refrigerator compressor in my home and instead told us they would have to take it away. After 3 weeks they brought it back and it was as though they had done nothing. The fridge didn’t cool, just as before. Now there were to long stripes of damage across the entire rear of the refrigerator, just as if they had leaned it back until it fell on the edge of a kitchen counter or something. They came and took it away the next day again. I never saw it again. They finally informed LG that it was irreparable because of a Yoder Coil. No one wanted to pay for it. After two months without any loaner fridge, Home Depot saved the day by bringing us the fridge from their employee lounge! The extended warranty company (Assurant) bailed and only paid for $800 of my 2K dollar fridge! They were supposed to deal with LG. Fortunately LG covered the full cost of the fridge, so it worked out $800 to my advantage. Then when I realized I could scrap the fridge for all the thermistors and little custom light bulbs and panels, etc, I was sure thankful as I have spent no less than a 40 hour work week trying to get all these companies to do what we already paid them to do when we bought the fridge. But R and R Electronics stole my refrigerator and decided they would work out the deal with LG on my behalf without my permission, and absolutely refused to ever call me back. I wanted my refrigerator back, so I took a 2 hour trip from my town to Apache Junction, got a Sherriff’s Deputy to come with me, and when we showed up they were working out of a little storage shed sized trailer. I followed the cop inside and he went through and found the owner. He introduced himself and called me back. Then the owner of R and R Electronics literally yelled at me with slobbering viciousness, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN MY SHOP!!!!???” The cop was blown away, and so was I. I simply entered through the front of the business and into “the lobby” and I was automatically greeted with a violent response! The man had no idea who I was or why I was there, or if I was a customer or a news reporter or anything. He responded like only a criminal can…. Just watch how people on COPS respond and that’s how this guy is. He was ready to bash my head in… I am so thankful that I was there with the police! Do not go there alone or without a police officer! These people are dangerous and very venomous. DO NOT LET THEM INTO YOUR HOME. They are criminals and they behave like criminals. Once we stepped outside, the man had his girl lock up the building (because something illegal is probably going on inside). I never got to say anything to present my case to these unreasonable, vicious creeps. They told the cop that I already got my $2K and that I was now trespassing!!!! But they never got my permission to work out that deal for me and I would have never given it… because a 2K dollar fridge is worth a lot in parts to refrigerator repair companies (like R&R). I would have sold it off slowly or turned the body into a worm farm or made cool experiments with the thermistors… the point is that it was my refrigerator and they stole it and claimed that they threw it in the dumpster!!!! Yeah right, they threw away a perfectly good compressor, about 5 perfect thermistors, a perfect motherboard and several peripheral logic boards, and all the different little panels that you have to purchase at a premium to replace… they just threw away about $3K in parts! Liars! Thieves! The cops had to respect their demands to get me off their property and I left. I’m sure glad they were there! It’s like if your car broke and you take it in and the mechanic keeps it for 2 months and then declares it totaled! Then the mechanic somehow files an insurance claim on your behalf and you just get a check in the mail for your car… “what the heck! What happened to my car! Where is it!? At least I will scrap it to offset some of my costs over these last three months of working around having no car.” So you call them to get your “broken” car back and they say, “We scrapped your car, Ford told us to get rid of it, so we threw it in the dumpster.” SERIOUSLY!??? It wasn’t Ford’s car to choose what to do with it, and it wasn’t your car to work out an insurance claim on my behalf! I want my “broken” car back. Then everyone tells you that you should be happy because you got a check for the car… seriously! I am happy. But what does that have to do with it? It’s a scam people! So, did my Yoder Coil really go out? Or did they just acquire a $2K fridge on LG’s dime and resell it without the sticker? Did they drop my fridge on the back panel and break the Yoder Coil inside when there was only a compressor problem to begin with? Or did it just magically fall apart by itself sitting still in my home? Did it break at all, or was it all just part of their scam operation? WHY ARE THEY STILL IN BUSINESS? LG––FIRE THEM!

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